Bad knees

  • I have arthritis in my knees and am not sure how much i can do...which aerobic exercise would put eh least stress on knees. i know a lot of problem is the fact that i am really out of shape so maybe as time goes on I can
  • Grammajan, Seems to me you've figured a lot out already! Yes, once the weight comes off your knees will feel much better. For the cardio, running is probably not a good idea at this point. I would first try an elliptical. If that doesn't work out, go to a bicycle. You'll still be able to hit your 9's and 10's and burn off the fat. Make sure you do the LB workouts, and use good judgement with the weight loadings for your quadricep extensions, since these can stress the knees as well. Once you have made progress, you can try progressing to a different aerobic excercise. It took me about a year before I could run for the 20 minutes aerobic workout, but eventually I got there. By continually but gradually pushin up, I can now run a mile in a little over 8 min. Not a great time, but better than the first time (>10 min.)I tried to run one! Good Luck! Jacium

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  • Thanks for responding. In the distant past I tried an elliptical at the gym and I dont think I could last 5 it better to just do as many minutes as you possible can, even if it is not 20, but it is harder...or do the bike which is easier but can do the entire 20 min?

  • grammajan, good advice from Jacium.  My sugestion would be to complete your 2 minute warm up on the elliptical along with a 4 HIIT minute interval, when you are gassed, jump on the bike and finish your next 3 cycles and your cool down minute there.  Don't take the easy way out, challenge yourself, the following week, add a minute to the ellipictal, and finish the rest on the bike, continue at your pace until you can do it all on the ellipitcal!  If your machines have a heart monitor on them take it when you start and then right after the end of your HIIT high point to see where you are.  Don't overwork yourself as you get use to this.  Keep in mind when I started on the treadmill my 5 was walking.

  • thanks...good helps having advice coming from those who have been there and truely "done that"!...ok...I will journey on , keep records and not taking the easy way...

    my journey begins Sunday...

  • I had a knee replacement 5 years ago so running really isn't a option for me.  However what I do is ride the bike, and walk as fast as I can go.  

  • Grammajan,  

    I'm a personal trainer and I suggest, elliptical, bike, if you do run on a treadmill the higher the incline the less pressure it will be on your knees.  Try and stay away from lunges. Work slowly into progression. start with body weight movements, Squats and slowly progress.  Don't forget to do alot of stretching. Foam rolling the quad will help as well, as the quad insertion is below the knee.  Also talk with your doctor regarding medication you can take for the inflamation from the arthritis.  Hope this helps.