2 weeks in and I need your knowledge

  • I am a 29 year old male 5 foot 4 and 202 pounds (well thats what I weighed when I checked two weeks ago;)


    Basically my question is in regards to calorie intake.


    I work out 6 days a week and eat healthy (egg whites, fish, chicken, salads, veges, fruits, protein bar etc etc)every other day I do 40 minutes of weight lifting followed by 15 minutes of cardio on the treadmill. In between those days I do 30 minutes of cardio at approx 4.0 mph burning approx 325 calories. I count every calorie I put into my body and its usually around 1700 per day. Which is quite a difference from my previous diet upwards of 3000 calories per day. Here's my question. Is the 1700 calories Im taking in a day  a safe and sufficient amount? I feel like I eat a tonne of food through out the day and dont really feel hunger at any point and of course if I do, I eat.  I just want to make sure Im doing everything properly so I dont harm my body.


    Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to some responses :)

  • Congrats on your dedication to fitness!  I would ask you for more information, ie. what are your goals?  I eat my six meals a day and stay around 2000 calories.  I was at 265, but am down to 252 in 5 complete weeks.  The 2000 calories are about what you would take to maintain 200 lbs.  So your 1700 would help you maintain about 170.  I'm not a nutritionalist or a doctor, but in my mind and experience there is nothing wrong with this as long as you are following the BFL proam of balanced  meals with 1 portion protein/ 1 protein carbs.

    I would really encourage you to follow the BFL program by the book with lifting and aerobic techniques.  Doing cardio HIIT 3x a week is just what you need to burn the fat and build more muscle, which in turn would burn more fat.  Good luck!