Day 1 Would love to have others join me!!!

  • I started a week behind most everyone on here so I am only on day 3.  Even though the only thing I have to show for it so far is sore muscles it feels good do be doing something positive.

  • Good luck all, keep the faith and push forward to the new you that is waiting to come out.

  • Good morning all. Update: I have lost a total of 58 pounds ( I was losing weight before joining this program - this plan is a much better one than I was on.) I have 37 more pounds to go. More importantly, I am starting to see the muscle definition - feel the burn - understatement! Friends and family have commented on my new image but it finally hit me about a week ago. I have gone from a size 18 to a 12. I was looking at a picture my daughter took and for the first time I realized wow I have lost weight. Sounds crazy but the realization has just begun to set in. I have noticed a big change in my personality also. I have gained self confidence. I stand taller and my head is higher. I am still friendly as always but I feel like more eyes are on me.....which is great because I love sharing the Body for Life secret!  I hope everyone is having positive results and is really encouraged to keep pushing toward a true Body for Life even as we share in the holiday season. Side note: I want to thank my amazing husband who has the tolerance to deal with me "whining" about my sore muscles and the kindness to rub them for me - you are simply beautiful!

  • Hello everyone!

    Well, it's been two weeks now. I've lost 7 lbs, the clothes are starting to fit better and I could see some definition in my muscle tone. All this in only two weeks! I've lost this weight before but what was missing was the increase in muscles and increase in energy. I'm doing it right this time and i'm already seeing the payoff! Keep pushing on gang!


  • Hello. I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and has been able to stay on track. I confess I have been eating a bit more than I should  have and I have not exercised since Friday. I am back on track now. Got a bit discouraged when I stepped on the scales....... I hope to see up to date posts for everyone soon as I could use the extra encouragement!!! My youngest son, Seth, is with me and he is asking that I let all of you know that we have had a blast at the range yesterday and today. He got a new rifle and shot gun for Christmas and he has been putting the amno through them. Look forward to hearing about your progress!

  • Hi Chandra.  I am new to this site and have several questions.  Wanted to post a couple of them here and see if anyone could help me.  My brother does BFL and looks amazing.  I would like to try it, but am limited to how much exercise I can do (mostly will only be the treadmill or walking...) due to fibromyalgia and sciatica problems.  Plus, I am morbidly obese.  I need to lose over 100 pounds.  Will this plan work for me? Thanks! My email is

  • Hi Chandra.  When do you start the challenge?  I signed up to start 2/13/2011.  But I'm going to start before then.  I would love to have some motivation as well as help motivate others.  Ubiquity423.

  • Feel free to join our group! I started on 12/5/11. The program is awesome and trust me you will feel amazing!!!!!! I have received several comments not only about my physical state but also my personality. I have always been a happy positive person but have been a bit reserved. I now find myself telling everyone about the body for life program and this helps start great friendships. I finally convinced a friend from work to join me during my workouts...she says she will be there tomorrow!!!! She is a beautiful person but has a few health issues. I know if she gives this program a chance she will fell better!!!    Anyways, welcome to the group.....can't wait to follow your success story!!!!!!

  • Go for it ,I've been using the system for about two months and working my way into the challenge starting in january. I've seen results just from the excerise routine and now i'll will go all the way with the diet and the gym for the challenge,can't wait. Trust me you will not look like an idiot. Everybody feels the same at first.LOL.

    As soon as your friends start seeing you change they will get the fever and decide to join you. It's hard to make someone change till they are ready,just keep up your end and they will get motivated,just like a snowball rolling down a hill.  !!!!!!!!!!!

    Here's a little story for you! My wife has been doing step class,muscle pump,ect......... for years and after i started the gym program she came to me and ask if she could work out with me because she started seeing my changes and she finanlly saw that just doing classes  was not getting her anywhere. She only changed her mind after seeing me get results that she couldn't get just with classes. Good luck and please i can use all the support i can get also.

  • Hi Maureen,

    My wife also have fibromyalgia, and she started the program with me about three weeks ago. In the recent past it seem like her symptoms were getting worst and she wasn't sure if she was going to be able to workout. Well I'm happy to report that she has been feeling a lot better since she started the program and is getting stronger by the day! I must say the weight lose has been a bit slow for her but she is definitely on the right track. I think the point is to do something. Remember that you could start as slow as you're comfortable with. Even with the weight training. I'm sure you can curl a 5 lb weight. Start slow, build yourself up. It's not an easy program and you're going to have to dig deep but it will be worth it at the end! Good luck!

  • Ok, How many made It thru the holiday's without missing any workouts or gaining any weight? We are approaching 4 weeks on this 12 week journey. I missed Christmas day and New Years day but other than that I have worked out everyday since starting Dec 5th. I have lost 9lbs. and my body fat is down 3%. I am going to take my 4th week pictures this week. Can't wait to see the difference, I know the jeans are fitting looser. :-)

  • Barefooter - I have done really well with working out.  There have been a couple days that I have missed the workout, but have all in all been pretty good.  I struggled with food through the holidays.  Honestly, I was basically treading water.  I stocked up at the grocery store and prepped my money for the next several days and rocked it food wise.  Excited to get caught back up and hit my goals.

  • I have to admit the holidays were tough, I cheated with the food at least twice. As far as the work outs, I've been pretty solid. There has been some days that I missed a work out but I would double up the next day, meaning I would do the cardio and weight training. I have lost about 8 lbs so far. I haven't been keeping track of the body fat but I could tell you I can see the increase in muscle tone. I feel great and  I'm a lot stronger. Keep at it gang!

  • Been pretty quite, only two replies on the last post. Things are really coming along for me. Body fat is down 5% still at 9lbs. weight loss so I guess it is muscle gain that has stopped the weight loss which is good. Seven weeks down, into the home stretch. The end is in sight.

  • Twelve Weeks COMPLETED woohoo :-)

    I have not heard from anyone else, did anyone else finish? It has been an amazing journey and results were quite good. I didn't reach my target weight but I did loose 11 lbs. my body fat is down 5% and my strength has increased about 30%. I will be starting round 2 tomorrow and will post my before and after pictures tomorrow as well.

    To those that didn't finish, please try again, I didn't finish my first challenge either, it takes a determination and a strong will. Don't let it get you down, you can do it. Remember that it is for improving your life and only you can do it.