Almost 50 and ready to begin a new life!

  • I am somewhat excited because I did BFL in 2000 and I KNOW it works, but.... I think I am more scared! I am so afraid I am going to fail and I can not fail at yet another attempt to lose this weight and get healthy. My fear is if I do not do this now then I am doomed. I swore when I did BFL in 2000 and was so successful that I would NEVER go back to overweight and unhealthy again and then life crumbled down around me and I have been on the fast track of unhealthy ever since. I am so disgusted with the image I see in the mirror that I have become so self conscious I don't want to leave the house. I know I need to be mentally prepared for this task since I did it before but I don't have the perseverance that I had before. I am ten years older and I know that  other women my age and older have done this so any advice, suggestions or tips are more than welcome. I teach in our local correctional facility so eating every three hours is somewhat difficult since I can not bring in any un-packaged food, however,  the shakes will come in very handy but I'm just not sure which one I should use, the meal replacement or lite? Please... all of you mature, seasoned women who have gone through or are going through the dreaded changes in life that we go through at this age, please share with me your methods that have provided you with success. All of your input  will be much appreciated!

  • I have not started BFL yet I tried it in the past and was successful and gained my weight back.  I am now trying to find anything that is healthy (this is it) to get started with. I am 52 right now birthday is January I want to change my outlook. I am going through the change of life and I do  need to get this weight under control again. I am feeling myself having panic attacks or anxiety over not looking or feeling the way I want to. I am a Hairstylist and I feel I would do a lot better job and make people feel they could trust my opinion if I looked healthy. This also means that I have to face myself in the mirror each day for 8-16 hours I want to see less of me and a woman with confidence again. I've read the BFL book and entered challenges in the past I don't think I'd want to enter a challenge but I do want to actually finish one. Hope that makes sense. In the book there were many success stories that I remember and I know if they can do it I can too I have to want to and make it happen. I hope there are other people nearing or in their 50's that feel the same as you and I and will comment here. Best of luck to you Romansdoda. I am buying Myoplex lite powder this weekend and getting my weight room ready for action by Tuesday Dec. 6th.

  • So glad to hear from you Shirley, I was starting to worry that I might not get hear from anyone in the same phase of life. I too am going through the change (or have been since the oophorectomy a year ago) and boy would I love to have those puppies back. I completely understand and relate to every you said especially about seeing less of me and more of the confident woman I used to be. My sweet husband is doing it with me and he is really helping to motivate me. The first time my family wasn't against me but they weren't to terribly interested. I think he finally realized how bad I felt about myself. We are on day 5 of our first week and boy are we sore. Went shopping last night (after we hit the gym and did lower body) and I got plenty of vegetables to make soups and shakes with my healthmaster emulsifier and EAS shakes and protein bars. I seemed to be hungry all day today and really did not feel like going tonight but my husband gently pushed me and I am so glad we went and did it! I am excited for your new beginning on Tuesday; the start of being 50, fit and fabulous. By the way, my hair is falling out; I went to the dermotologist and they did a scalp biopsy but I haven't gotten the results yet, do you have any recommendations in the mean time? Have a great weekend!

  • All the best to you in your fitness journey. I'm 52 and it is still possible to look young and healthy well beyond 50.  Your nutrition is by far the most important aspect of your health. Eat a clean diet 6 days a week and you will look and feel like a million bucks. Any questions I'd be glad to help.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Wow! Good for you having someone to workout with. Last time I lost weight with this method my son was my motivator and he lost a lot of weight. I had lost 80 lbs *gained it back now and he did too that isn't good. We both know we can do it again its just hard to motivate ourselves. I think if I start out then he will start doing it again as well. We have a cottage that should be my home salon (lol) but it is a small town and I work in a larger one. So we have one side turned into our gym...but left neglected out of site out of mind I guess. He will be helping me hang a large mirror out there Monday so I hope he will get motivated then. As for hair falling out that can be caused by many things diet, stress, thyroid, there are just many things so you have taken the best first step in finding out by seeing the Dermatologist.  When we notice this happening to our clients or they are concerned we always recommend they see a Dermatologist. He will figure it out and your worries will be over ;) I think as we lose weight we will see our medical worries slowly and steadily disappearing.

  • Thank you fit4life, I know this is doable, however, it seems like the older we get and the longer we stay in our ruts the harder old habits are to break. Maybe that is just a convenient illusion. I agree with you about nutrition but if I am being hones coffee and flavored cream are probably my #1 nemesis. Was or is that an issue for you and if so what do you do to combat it!? Right now I just don't feel like I can give it up and with all the other "give ups" I'm not sure if cold turkey is the route. I am doing every other day. What are your thoughts? Congrats on your mid-life health and fitness, I will be looking towards you for inspiration (no pressure, lol).

  • R: From my experience with BFL over the years I have found that almost everybody has their "thing" they need to give up(except for free day of course). Mine is chocolate. I could eat chocolate everyday. Nowadays I save that for my freeday.The flavoured cream is what adds those extra calories so I would suggest to slowly wiene yourself off the cream and replace with skim milk or something low in fat. Start by using half the amount of cream and go from there. Don't fret too much about it though....what you eat later in the day is more important....especially in the evening. Just be encouraged that even though we are 50+ we can still look and feel 20 years younger.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Roman: I was looking at some blogs of champions and one was about jazzing up your eas drinks he said "Stir some vanilla Myoplex into coffee, it can serve as a creamer and give your coffee a creamy vanilla taste while adding protein, carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals." WOW so I thought of you & me. If you haven't read some blogs ~ go do it ~ it is motivating. Oh and I've changed my mind I am definitely starting BFL Monday I have to plan it out tonight. The photos are my biggest fear. :(


    **ALSO @ Fit4life I read your profile. You are awesome encouragement. 

  • Good for you starting Monday! You are already making great decisions. Besides no point in putting it off right? It is fantastic that you have a gym at home but I bet it works out to be a blessing and a curse at the same time. For me it would be so easy to skip it I didn't have the motivation of paying for a gym membership. To lose 80 lbs is AMAZING! You got to know if you could do that then you can do it again even if you are a few years older. Some day maybe your cottage will be you salon, maybe that will be your next challenge. I think the mirror is a great idea; it will be a great motivator. Thanks for the info you are right on track; my dermatologist is checking my iron levels and thyroid. She also gave me a perscription for an oil to put on my scalp. It is so depressing! I have always had thick, full hair so this is pretty devastating. It doesn't help when you feel like you look like a tubba tubba. My hormones have been all over the board. I am happy to report that I have lost two pounds and gained a lot of sore body parts. My husband's legs are so sore too so we are quite the pair. Hopefully I will hear from the doctor tomorrow about the scalp biopsy and it will be a quick easy fix cause the weight is not a quick easy fix. Good luck tomorrow, I hope you have a fantastic start. I am cheering for, YOU CAN DO IT!

  • Thanks Shirley I an definitely in need of a friend! BTW the myoplex in the coffee is a GREAT idea! Thanks for the suggestion I really didn't want to give my coffee up quite yet.:)

  • Starting the morning off with a kale, cucumber, lemon and apple with almond milk shake. It is actually good! Lots of house work, appointment with acupuncturist and at the gym tonight with hubby to do UBWO and cardio. Looks like the day is full! Have a great day!

  • Since GNC started not selling Myoplex I am searching for a place nearby that does I think I know a few health food places that will or I'll order online. Since I am going to start today the exercise anyway and portion control of healthier food until I find some Myoplex. Too bad I missed that 1/2 price sale online it was only $20. for the packets!  This is going to work out though :)

  • O man they were half price!

  • How did your first day go? One down only 89 left, lol:) Have a happy Tuesday, I am off to bed after drinking sleepy time tea. I am exhausted, did cardio and UBWO tonight, WHEW! I smell a victory coming our way!

  • SShirley, should I be worried about you?