The difference between 100% Whey and Myoplex Lite?

  • Hello everyone! I'm trying to do some research before I start the challenge on January 5, 2012. I've gotten a lot of answers by reading other forums and blogs but the one thing I can't seem to find out is if I'm reading too much into this. I have the Eating-for-Life cook book and some recipes call for regular whey or soy protien powder while others call for Myoplex Lite packets. Are these both the same or are they different? Is there a difference in vitamins, minerals, amount of protien etc... I just want to make sure that if I were to use 100% whey protien instead of the Myoplex Lite packets that I'll get the same result physically as well as in the recipe. Also, I'm a nurse in surgery and can't eat 6 meals a day easily ( no food in the OR) so I plan on supplementing with protien shakes or protien bars when neccessary because it's quick. Will this be enough instead of the snacks like 2 oz. of reduced fat cheese and an apple? Will I feel starved? Help please and thank you for your time!

  • the Myoplex already has the balanced protein/carb ratio, so mix with water (or I did part milk/part water/ice cubes) and you've got yourself a meal.  The whey protein is mostly protein, so that can be mixed with a carb like yogurt when making a smoothie.

    I like to have both on hand.  Especially Ready-to-drinks.  They are so easy to use in a pinch and don't need refrigeration!!  Sometimes it's great to have the myoplex 'cuz that's all I need to gulp down quick, and sometimes it's nice to have the all-whey powder or drink (I like AdvantEdge Carb control RTD's) 'cuz then I can still whole food like have some fruit on the side.

    Sure, the 2 oz. of cheese with apple will probably be more filling but will also take longer to eat.  Mix it up.  Maybe on your days off, eat real food for your meals, and days at the OR drink a shake quick.

    Also, might want to look at your cheese closely for nutrition content.  Most have little protein and high fat and calories.  Makes for a low-protein meal.