• I am 46 - 47 next daughter and I are starting BFL on Monday.  I have done this before, I lost 20lbs and felt and looked great. I have gained it back and lost the muscle I am starting over.  Well, this time I have an accountabilty partner so I hope to lose 30lbs and get down to a size 8 pants!!  I am weigh around 180 and fit into a tight size 12.  Time to start planning next weeks menu.  Looking forward to hanging with you ladies!


  • Hi Ladies,  I just turned 40 last week.  I've been working to get back in shape for the last 2 years, on my birthday I made a decision that this year is the year.  I plan to start on Monday, Feb 20th.  I'm still reading and trying to figure out the program - looks like I have some planning and scheduling to do.  Going to the gym isn't difficult - I do it already, I just haven't been seeing the results I'd like.  My goal is to lose 30lbs.  

  • Hi all!!  I turn 50 (gasp) this summer!  I look at pictures of success stories of ladies our age and am so motivated......  I am determined to be fit and feeling great by that time!   I have to work out at home, but have given orders to the family to give me my time and help me out!!  Started yesterday!  I can feel it now, but that is a really good pain!  Have MS and a year past breast cancer sx - and now it is time to take over my body once again.  I have to start a bit slower than I would like, but doing it is what is important.  Good luck to all us ladies!

  • Hi all!  I took my before pictures and all I can say is hoooorrified!  I did a fitness assesment last week and again (horrified) I was between below average & average.  We all have to start somewhere.  I am on day 3 and still need to work on getting enough water and use to eating 6 times a day.  Good luck to all!

  • Hi everyone,

    I will soon to be 40 and I am just ending my 5th week in the program. I am also just finishing up with the BFL Book. If you have not read this book, I suggest you read it. It has a lot of good easy information in it. I thought I would post where I am now with my meal plan etc. Hopefully it will help some of you. Please feel free to make any suggestions for me too as I am new at this also.  

    Last week, I got some good advice from on of last years participants in BFL program, about my meal plan. He suggested a few minor changes to my meal plan. Some he suggested just moving of few of my meals/snacks around to eating them at different times of the day for maximum benefit. So, this week I have implemented what Tim suggested into my meal plan.

    He suggested I switch from having a nutrition bar first meal of the day to later in the afternoon, and have eggs for breakfast instead. I normally do not have time to make breakfast in the morning so, this week I prepped everything I would need for the week on Sunday (chop onions veggies etc and bought microwavable bacon) to make it easier to make time to make breakfast. So far this week I was able to do it. Now that I know I do have time I will make this part of my routine.

    Tim also suggested I give up my quick Lean Cuisine's I was having for lunch and switch to chicken breast or fish with a good carb and veggie. So, I have also done this this week. I got some frozen salmon and some individually wrapped boneless, skinless chicken breast to make for lunch. I also cut up veggies earlier in the week to make it easy to grab and steam them along with some canned beans for my carb. Again, this seems to work just fine, it only takes an extra 5-10 minutes to make. Plus, it is much more fulfilling.

    Another thing he suggested was, to switch my Greek Yogurt to my last meal/snack of the day in place of my 100 calorie pack popcorn. I forget why he said to do this but, it did make a lot of sense, and it seems to be working.

    Last thing he suggested was to start taking supplements. This is hard for me because I don't take medicine. Very rarely do I even take a Aspirin or Tylenol. Besides when ever you take supplements for working out, they always recommend you take 3-4 different kinds and then you have to take a few of each a few times a day. That can add up to a lot of pills in a day. And since I don't even take one pill a day, it will be hard. So, his suggestions were to take CLA, Green Tea, L-Carnitine, HMB & Phos-Forse. So I went to my local supplement store and found a product called Slim CLA. This has CLA, Green Tea & L-Carnitine in it, and I only have to take 4 pills a day compared to buying each one separately. Then I did get the HMB too. They did not have the Phos-Force and I believe that is a drink, and I don't like any kind of workout drinks. Too gritty for me and they make me gag. So I will pass on this for now. But, I did get a product called Relax Replenisher. It is to help with sleep, stress and your metabolism while you sleep.

    I have been doing well all week taking my supplements. I just told myself just give it your all for 4 weeks and see what happens. I tend to tell myself this a lot because 4 weeks doesn't seem very long to commit to anything. Besides, after 21 days it becomes a habit. Right! I really like the Relax Replenisher, I have had some great nights sleep without feeling foggy in the morning. It calms my mind so I can sleep soundly. Even if I get up to use the bathroom, I can go right back to sleep and normally I couldn't do this. The Slim CLA gives me energy throughout the day without the jitters or shakes. I am very sensitive to any kind of stimulants, even Mountain Dew will make me shake. So I like this product a lot. The HMB I'm not sure what exactly it is supposed to do but, I feel as though it is aiding in my muscle recovery.

    So, here is where I am at in my Meal Plan and Supplements now:

    Gym- 16oz water

    Breakfast- 2 eggs & 2 egg white omelet with peppers, spinach & onions and 3 pieces of turkey bacon &       8oz Water

                2 Slim CLA pills and 4 HMB pills

    Snack- Pistachios and a banana & 8oz Water

    Lunch- Chicken or Salmon with beans and a steamed veggie & 8oz Water

               2 Slim CLA pills and 4 HMB pills

    Snack- Myoplex Lite bar & 8oz Water

    Dinner- Well that can be tricky, my husband does most of the cooking and does pretty good making it healthy so I concentrate on portion sizes. 8oz water

                4 HMB pills and 2 Fiber Chewables

    Snack- Greek Yogurt with Oats, Walnuts ans Raisins mixed in & 8-16oz Water

                30-60 minutes before bed I take 2 Relax Replenisher pills

    I will let ya know how this works out for me and if I find I need to tweak it a bit more later.   


  • Hello everyone.  I just started reading your thread, and thought I might join you for a bit.  Like Lorraine, I will be 50 this summer.  I could say I am on week 3, but I have basically succumbed to my old habits already, which is to say eating poorly and not working out, so am going to start over on Monday 2/27.  Which may be interesting, because on Tuesday I am taking a 10 hour driving trip and will be away from home for 6 days, but I THINK this will be a good thing.  No distractions to keep me from my plan.  Well, except for conference food and eating out a lot and maybe not having a place to work out...But I'll overcome all that!  I have been on this site every day for most of a month, despite my backsliding.  THIS time I'll make it work!  Ok, 12 weeks won't take off 80 pounds, but making the lifestyle change will, eventually.  My problem, which I fully recognize, is emotional eating.  It seems no matter how strong my resolve is first thing in the morning, by midday work/life has stressed to the point that I fall into my old habits of burying the pain with food.  Poor excuses.

    How has any of you overcome this?


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  • Roni-

    Try to get protein bars that taste good and keep food simple!  I have tried a few different bars, but buy some singles and you find one you like - get them!  They will be treat!  I am eating small Oh Yeah bars along with Myoplex Lite bars (Choc. peanut butter crisp) and AdvantEdge shakes - these cover my sweet tooth.  I am starting my 3rd week and I have lost 3+ pounds.  Keep it up and look on you tube for inspirations too.  


  • Relax Replenisher - I need this where did you find it and does it have name brand?  I'll look online again today.  Thanks & love your blog too.  I have added CLA slim & need to get the HMB too.  Keep up the GREAT work too and congrats on losing weight too!


  • Roni, I can relate. I am also an emotional eater. Stress and lack of sleep are the two things that really work against me. I find that if I can start my day with exercise, even just 15 minutes, I'm much more in control all day. I have two trips coming up - one business and one spring break in Mexico with my kids. The business trip I took earlier this month, I  had to get my exercise done in the morning otherwise it was too hard to work out after the conference and be ready to go to dinner with everyone. The hotel had a breakfast buffet that included old fashioned oatmeal, hard boiled eggs and fruit, so I was able to stay absolutely on plan for the first part of the day. I brought protein bars with me for the meals between the regular meals and then was just really careful with my food choices at the restaurants.  I also made sure that I drank plenty of water. They had a pitcher of water at each table, so that helped. The earlier conference I went to in January, I gained 2 pounds, but the conference in February I actually lost 1 pound. So, I'm learning and getting better.  I plan to do even better at the March conference. In Mexico, I have no idea how that will go!! I have a whole week of vacation with my boys, and I want to enjoy it to the max. They are very active kids, so I will center around that and not make food the center of the trip.

    One thing that helps me too is to have some inspirational pictures or fitness magazines with me that I look at.  Then, when I'm thinking about getting that chocolate cake for dessert, I think back to where I want to be (and that the chocolate cake will NOT get me there) and it helps empower me to make a good decision. My mantra this year has been "Nothing tastes as good as being in shape feels" and I read this to myself everyday.


  • Tonja

    Here is the web address where your can find Relax Replenisher It has been working great for me so far. I do however notice sometimes I still can't shut off my brain. I am working on that.

    When I bought the HMB I was told you will notice a difference at first but after the first bottle some people have switched to a similar product. But I was told it's great to start off on. So far so good for me. I am already anxious for my next weigh in and measurements since I have lost 2.5 lbs just since last week. They say you will see your biggest results in weeks 8-12. I can't wait now that I have everything in sync. I'll keep everyone updated.

    How are you doing with this program? Do you have any challenges you are having? I would like to help if I can.

    Keep me informed!

    Have a great workout!



  • Zavi-

    Thanks for the information!  I am going to order some this week.  I am starting my 3rd week and my biggest problem is TIME!  I have a 2 & 4 year old and my husband works out too.  We have actually switched our times and he goes during lunch and early in the morning.  I go after work and it makes dinner time a rush, but I have figured out that I can cook us something healthy and kids want mac n cheese & grapes (at the picky stage) - I envy both of our kids - natural six pack abs from playing all day long.  

    I have been following BFL program, but sometimes I get an extra rest day (cardio day).  I am eating very simply - breakfast 2 eggs, whole grain toast; snack bar/shake; lunch grilled chicken salad/turkey sandwich; snack bar/shake; dinner grilled/baked fish/pork/chicken and greek yogurt before bed.  I wake up about 3am and get a handful of nuts.   Getting the water down has been difficult - I have to remind myself.  

    Cardio has been on the treadmill and I select hill option and keep at 4.0 pace and at the 4-5 minute I run (6.0) to get my heart rate up to 85-95%.  I just bought a heart rate monitor and it is easy to track now.

    Keep up the good work and love reading your blog too.

    Have a great workout too!


  • Tonja

    I have the same problem with water. One thing I have found that has helped me is to have 3- 16oz glasses of water down by 3pm. So it's easy 3 by 3. Then all I have to do is get 1-2 more 16oz glasses down by bedtime.

    Another thing I do is have a 16oz glass of water on my night stand and every time I get up to go to the bathroom, I drink some, and then drink some in the morning before I get out of bed. This is just extra water encase I can't get all the required water in during the day.

    Hope this helps you with your water intake too!

    Thanks for reading my blog. It helps me to stay focused and accountable. But I can also look back months from now and see where I was and where I am then. At the end of the 12 weeks I will post before and after pics. That I'm nervous about. =D But it can only get better! Right!

    Keep me informed on your progress and I will do the same.   


  • Hi everyone,

    I am going on 49 and have 20-25 to loose.  I have tried this b4 and failed after week 5-6... I really need this and am hoping to follow through with the committment this time...  I am starting 3-19.


  • I'll try and read the blogs later to catch up :)


  • Hi Kim

    I just saw this post. I answered your email before I saw this. So I now know you tried this before and was not able to finish.

    Congratulations for making the decision to do it again! Don't give up this time. I had only lost 2-3 lbs my first 5 weeks. Then in the next 3 after I lost about 5-6lbs. I am interested to see what will happen in the last 4 weeks!

    Good luck and let me know if I can help you in anyway!