• Monday Day 1.  I did the exercise part of the plan last week, and I'm adding the eating portion today so I'm officially on plan.  I made a little to do list this morning and stuck it on my computer.  Here are the first three:  

    1.  Don't eat any of the delicious homemade cookies that my husband made over the weekend.  (So far, so good.)

    2.  Delete all the stupid time sucking games on my computer.  ( I deleted all but one, which I will delete after I finish it tonight.)

    3.  Do my LBWO, which I am doing as soon as I finish this post.

    I'm having difficulty holding myself accountable, so I'm going to put a little sticky up every morning with a few very simple goals.  I like checking things off of lists, so this will be a good system for me.

    Tomorrow I'm going to put "measure my waist" on the list.  I think with BFL, the inches sometimes come off more quickly than the pounds, so this should be a good motivator.

    Happy Monday, all.


  • Wendy here~ I am still on program.  I am in week 3 and had a couple of slip ups last night as it was my Birthday and my son's girlfriend made me a birthday cake.  No one has ever made me a cake before.  She was so excited to give it to me and I just could not say no to a small piece.  It was wonderful and I don't regret it after seeing the look on her face and my son's that I loved it.  Did my LBWO this am and it felt great!!  Just moving on....

    Paige~ I like your list idea.  I am that person also that likes to cross things off.  I feel like I have accomplished something.  Thank you for the tip I think i will start that tomorrow morning.  Your also right about the inches instead of pounds showing first.  How often do you measure?  I was thinking after the first 4 weeks.  Anyway thank you.  Keep motivated.  Have a good BFL week!!!!


  • Way to go to keep moving on after the cake....I have had little slips too - a piece of candy here or there or a cracker or two!  Personally I haven't measured and i"m in my 4th week - but my pants are fitting better :).   My weight hasn't really changed - so I'm not weighing myself as much...

  • My husband wants to start a cookie company.  Heaven help me.  

    I'm on day 3 of making a short to do list every morning, and once again the number one item is "do not eat one of Joe's cookies."  I'm keeping my list short (2-3 items, one of which is the day's workout) and feel good checking the boxes at the end of the day.  Today my list is "don't eat a cookie" and "UBWO."  I have book club tonight which is usually an eating and drinking fest.  I will use some extra willpower.

  • Leanne,

    You were so right! I wish I had just started. Gained a couple pounds over the holidays. Would be several weeks in if I had just done it. I am on day 2. Intense. Relishing the muscles soreness from the UBWO- that means I did well. No holding back now. Looking forward to seeing you around here.


  • I am 47 and would love the encouragement as well.  I did the program 5 years ago and lost 25 pounds and kept it off for 2 years.  I know it will be harder now as I am older and find that doing the 30 minute cardio at the pace suggested isn't good for my back, so I'll just have to work through it.  I've been doing 1 hour of moderate cardio and seeing no results so I know that I need the 30 minute HIIT that the program recommends.  The eating I know I can handle, but I too, worry about getting back to a good, effective portion size.  I have also noticed that I have a gluten and lactose intolerance, so am trying to modify some of the items.  I have the eating for life cookbook and it has some awesome recipes in them.  I'm looking forward to being with all of you 40 + ladies and wish all of you the best of luck!

  • Leanne,

    You were right and I wish I had started in November. But I did start On Jan 2. Currently Week 3 day7. Woo Hoo!!! I am still so excited and determined. I think I am beginning to see changes- very subtle but still encouraging. Only down 2 pounds but not worried about it. Regular mild soreness with my workouts says I am working- also gradual increases in my weights. My body is craving the good stuff more and the bad stuff less. Hoping to "see" you around.


  • Hi Ellisha!

    You started when you started, it's great that you started! Keep up the good work. I just keep telling myself, "don't think. Just do."

    I've been really struggling these last 3 weeks but I feel a new sense of motivation and determination. Workouts have been pretty good and regular but my diet has really been suffering. When I'm organized and attentive and manage to eat every 2.5 to 3 hours I'm not hungry, I'm in control, I'm satisfied. So that's what I need to do.

    What kinds of proteins are you eating? I'm trying to stay away from the bars and powders in an attempt to eat mostly whole, real foods. Any favorites, suggestions, good ideas?


  • I allow myself a bar or a shake once a day- if I don't have an alternate meal. I am also trying to keep to whole foods. I am keeping things simple: oatmeal with blueberries and canadian bacon for breakfast, turkey sandwiches for lunch- or salad with chicken, dinner may be a healthy freezer meal or salmon and brown rice with broccoli. Snacks are easiest- prepackaged nuts and an apple, or other fruit and string cheese or cottage cheese or tuna.

    Week 3 was a changing point- actually starting to look forward to workouts, feeling subtle differences in my clothes, craving healthy foods more and bad stuff less. I do HAVE to eat every 2-3 hours or I get jittery and feel out of control.

    I am now w4d1. I am so excited to be this far. Down a total of  5.6 pounds and I know 2 in off my waist (didn't measure all- will do that at w6.)

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! STAY WITH ME HERE- for some reason it is easier for me if I have someone else to help or encourage. Looking forward to hearing from you again.


  • Hey Ellisha,

    got my ubwo in this morning along w/ 20 min on the treadmill. I don't really know if it's necessary but I always do a little cardio before my weight training. I think I need to in order to keep my metabolism up and burn as much as I can. Did you get your workout in yet?

  • I am a 44-year-young grandma of 1.8. Yes, I have a grandson who is almost two, and his brother is due to arrive in the next 6 weeks. :-) Can't wait to meet the second one! I just LOVE the first one and feel like some of his attention is going to be stollen from him so I am determined to show him as much love as I always have! Can't wait though.

    Also-I started the BFL program on January 23rd. On my third day here and my arms (triceps mainly) are killing me! I can hardly reach the back of my head to do my hair! :-) I think that means I hit my 10 Monday night on my triceps at least. :-)

    Having some fun with this and GOING to make it work! Happy to join your group!


  • Leanne,

    I have been doing my workouts around 0600. I hate getting up early but I LOVE feeling so energized for the rest of the day!!! Also easier to resist bad food choices after I have done all that work. I start my weeks on Mondays so my weight workouts are Mon, Wed, Fri. I know what you mean about warming up before weights, but I try to do a little something during my 1 minute rest between sets- either stretching or stepping or both. Stay in touch.


  • Hang in there. 10's are a good thing. You are gonna be really busy when that new baby comes- establish your routine now and it will be easier. Good luck!


  • I agree! Age is only a number... I am going to be 53 years old and its my secret.....I feel like I'm 30 years old......

    You are going to do great! I do believe you need to get the BFL book or another book that gives you guidelines on portion control and menu planning. It just makes it easier to follow... Donna

  • I just started this week & I did a fitness assement at the gym - I didn't like my results!  I guess I was hoping for good news.  I have some new goals now and I definately need to get my body fat % down and get in better shape.  So, far the logistics of lifting, cardio & eating is more that I thought it would be.  I see how the meal replacements help!  Any more suggestions?!  Or inspirations?  Weekends seem to be the toughest to plan around too.