***We're All In - 11/7/11***

  • Sharon!! Awesome job!!!  17 lbs? 2 sizes?  Whoot!

    Keep it up everyone!! We are right at the finish line :)

    I am SO proud of all of us!

  • Sharon - My wife did the Warrior Dash in The Poconos last year, she loved it. I stood on the sidelines and drank beer. No more on the sidelines for me. Unfortunatley this years race is the same week we go to Virginia for vacation. I really want to do it this year.

    Great job everyone, I just completed my last cardio workout of this challenge. It's been 12 weeks and I will weigh in tomorrow morning and take pictures. I plan on taking a week to recover and then kicking it back in gear next week. I am still going to do my cardio this week but much lighter and no weight training. My shoulder is still bothering me and I am going to give it a week to rest. The plan for the next challenge is to really concentrate on high points and making each exercise count. I still have around 40 pounds to go to hit my goal weight.

    I will be posting my final results tomorrow along with the pics, believe me I am not comfortable with that.

    Who is moving on to another challenge? I think we should start a new feed and try and get some more people involved to help us.

    Bob, Sharon, Monica, Rachel and everyone else who contributed thanks for all your help. You are amazing people and should be proud of yourself. See below for my facebook and twitter pages if anyone would like to friend me. Can't go wrong having friends of your quality.

    Twitter - @jmont6767

    FaceBook - Can't seem to get a link to come up so try searching

    Joe Montagna from Pennsylvania there is a Picture of Joe Paterno as my profile pic right now.

    Stay Tuned for my results tomorrow.

    Keep the faith,


  • Hey guys-

    I petered out the last couple of weeks as far as workouts go. We have had a ton of sickness in our little family and it's taken a lot of my time and sleep away.   I am not proud of it, but I am jumping back on the horse again to go another twelve weeks.

    Are any of you guys starting tomorrow?  I know some were going to do back to back workouts...


  • Just one meal and one workout away from getting right back into it Laura :-)  Lord knows I have had my fill of set backs this 12 weeks. I love the motto of progress not perfection!  

    I am definitely up for another round and love the fact that the Warrior Dash that I signed up for just happens to be 12 weeks away.  How nicely timed is that?!?!

    I do like the idea of getting a new thread started.  I would be nice to have some more people jump on.  Any thoughts on where the best place to post would be - getting started, transformations, week 13 and beyond?  Anybody have a creative new name?  "We're All In - Again", "Round 2+", "BFL after the initial 12 weeks", "Back to Back - we're back..."  Random ideas...throw some out there and let's see how creative we can get!

    Love to my BFL Friends!


  • Ok guys! Here I am!


    Thank you everyone for your support and advice during these past 12 weeks. Please post your results.

    I feel fantastic :)  I'm up for another challenge. I'll take one week "off".




    My 12 week challenge results:









    STATS:  lost 10 lbs.

    Start weight: 147, size 10

    End weight: 137, size 4


    End of week 3 measurements: chest- 36", belly button- 32.5", menopot-34", pelvis 37", upper thigh-22.5"

    143 lbs.

    End of week 12 measurements: chest- 32.75", belly button- 29", menopot-31.5", pelvis 35", upper thigh-21.5"

    137 lbs.

  • Here are my 12 week challenge final results.

    Weight -  week 1 289 - week 12 259, Lost 30 pounds

    Waist  - week  1  46 inches - week 12 39 inches, lost 7 inches

    Congrats to everyone for finishing strong.

    Great job Rachel, you look fantastic, you have more guts than I do posting your pics. I have decided not to post pictures, I took them and there is a nice improvement but its not anywhere near where I want to be. I will send them in for the challenge but thats as far as i am going.

    I will be starting again 1 week from today. I did cardio today but I am keeping with my plan for this to be an off week. I plan on changing up my whole routine in the second challenge, I am looking for new recipes and supplements to help along the way.

    Sharon - Good ideas for the new thread, just pick one and lets go with it.

    Laura - Sharon is right you are just one workout and good eating day away from being right back on track. Never give up, we are here for you.

    Looking forward to the next 12 weeks with everyone,

    Keep the Faith,


  • Hello All-

    I have been in a similar boat as Laura. Over the last month, my work-outs petered down to about once a week. But I maintained the good eating habits for the most part. I have to say, following the program to the T the first 8 weeks revved up my metabolism so much that over the last month, without really working out, I still managed to lose, no "remove" 2 pounds. So here are my simple stats:

    Start weight- 140

    End weight- 130

    Lost 2 inches and dropped to dress sizes.

    In the effort to get my motivation back, I am now reading BFL for women and I can't believe I haven't read it before. It really does speak to every women and it's just the talk I need. I now have an "Estrogen Squad" who are all on board as well. So, I'm for another challenge! You guys are absolutely awesome and I have learned so much from each and everyone of  you! Let's do this again and let's do it with more intensity and faith!


  • @Laura- I love the after picture of you in the bathroom with potty seat and baby bath-tub in the background! Now that is one strong mama! ;-) Go Laura!!

  • @Joe- 30 lbs is an insane amount of weight loss! Congrats, man!! That is amazing! You should be super proud of yourself and with the type of motivation and guts you harbor, you will reach your goal in no time!

  • Ooops! The earlier post with the bath-tub was meant for Rachel! Go Rachel!!

    And Go Laura too!!! lol (sorry about the mix up)

  • Monica and Joe, thanks for the comments. :)  Yes, the baby toilet seems to follow me around everywhere.

    Laura!!  Welcome back!

    Monica, excellent results! 10 lbs. and 2 dress sizes is fabulous.

    Joe- 7"!!  I'm sure people really started noticing your weight loss at work. 30 lbs. and a cruise? Way to go!

    I can't wait to hear from everyone else.

    A new thread is a great idea. Like I said, I'll be joining up 100% again in a week.

  • Hi BFL Family!  I created a new thread for us - ***We're All In - Again"***  Hopefully we will have others join us in our journey.  If not - then we will be there for each other : )

    I am very impressed with everyone on this thread!  I know that I too had a "break" in my challenge but I didn't give up.  My pictures aren't as impressive as Rachels (great job girl) and my numbers can't stack up to the boys (you two are amazing) but I am proud of myself for not quitting. Life threw all kinds of curve balls at me since November 7th.  Initially, I got hit pretty dang hard but I got back up and got back in the game.  The old Sharon wouldn't have done that!

    I am down a solid 15 pounds, 2 pants sizes, and many inches removed all over.  I still have 25 pounds to go but I am getting there.

    @ Monica - I really like the BFL for Women.  I picked it up just to compare at Barnes and Noble.  I couldn't put it down!  I ended up buying it and finishing it in one day.

    @Joe - I will be testing out some new recipes as well.  Changing it up is good!  Since I entered the Warrior Challenge, I am going to try to incorporate their strength training circuit a few times a week.  It is tough and I like it!  warriordash.com/faq.php.  I will be using the strength training circuit under the "Virgin Warrior".  

    Those of you taking a week off, ENJOY!  I look forward to our next 12 weeks.  See you on our new thread!!!!

    Have a great BFL day!

    ~ Sharon

  • I cant find the new thread, help!