***We're All In - 11/7/11***

  • Okay guys....day one is over.  (Well- it is for me because I'm going to bed...)

    How did everybody do?  So far, so good for me.  I think food planning is going to be tough for me.  I think the supplements are going to be key for me as something quick and easy to grab.

    I just ran with the name that was suggested.  Hope that's okay....

  • Food planning is tough- I used to type it all up on a spreadsheet, what i was going to eat when. Then I would go shopping for those items. It made for some work on the weekend, but took the guesswork out during the actual week. I also had to keep my family (spouse, kids live in parents) in mind and make meals that I could eat and they could too.

    Supplements were the quick thing to grab.  I usually have a shake in the morning and a meal bar in the afternoon.  

    balancing act- have you seen/tried the cookbook by Bill Phillips, Eating for Life? It has some good ideas in there.

  • My day 1 went ok until it came time last night to work out.  I got to the gym for the class I'd intended to take, and there were not enough people so they cancelled it!  So frustrated, I wanted to cry!  I forced myself onto the treadmill at home but still felt so disappointed.  I also experienced a day long headache, that maybe is PMS or sugar withdrawal!  I'm not letting it keep me down though.  Hoping for a better day today!  I've been overwhelmed in the past by food planning, but am trying to just avoid processed foods and eat as "clean' as possible.  BTW, if you are a fan of Laughing Cow cheese, there is a BUNCH of new light, flavored cheese now available.  

  • Day 2 and going strong! This morning was tough to get out of bed at 5 AM for cardio!! Definatly feeling yesterdays upperbody workout today!

    Forgot my lunch in the fridge at home today..still not used to the 6 meals a day thing ( im usually the guilty one for only eating twice a day) Good thing I have a few healthy things in my desk at work to get me through the day. On the positive side it was a  good remider for me to keep some snacks on hand to help me make healthy choices when im hungry or when I forget my lunch again lol

    Hope everyone is feeling it today! Remember no pain no GAIN!!

    Jo <3

  • I'm jumping on this train too, I did a BFL back in '04, and saw amazing results.  I have tried to do the Challenge a few times since then, but didn't make it through the 12 weeks.  I've been feeling the need for a change recently, so this seems like a healthy one.  Good luck everyone!

  • @momof2- I do have the EFL book.  I will probably use it more later as I get better at "cooking" for the family.  I'm still not sure how it's all going to work.  I usually just do a meat, veggie, and carb for dinner anyway for the family.  With a 4 month old I'm trying to find the new "normal".

    I have 2 kids too...I'm amazed by how different I have to do things now than I did before them.  :)  I love them, but it definitely makes taking care of myself more difficult.

  • Xx JDM Xx

    On the positive side it was a  good remider for me to keep some snacks on hand to help me make healthy choices when im hungry or when I forget my lunch again lol

    I don't think I could do this without having snacks on hand.  I am going to try to plan as best I can, but I think the supplements are going to be my best friend.  What snacks are you guys keeping around for "lack of planning" disasters?

  • momof2

     I also had to keep my family (spouse, kids live in parents) in mind and make meals that I could eat and they could too.

    What were some of the dinners that you cook for both you and the family?

  • Day two, big time lack of energy, yesterday was a good day. I stuck to my food and workout plan for the day. Muscles sore. Not having such a good day today. I was not able to work out this morning so I plan to do cardio this afternoon. I am sticking to my meal plan but I am starving and bored at work not a good combination.

    Anyone else out there feeling the same?

    Is my major lack of energy a sign that something may not be right with my meals?

  • I'm right there with you- @ Jmont6767. At work, lack of energy and would love some chocolate. But I remember this feeling from several years ago when I did the program. You feel like crap the first 2 weeks. It takes a lot of effort initially to get started. But once the engines are revved up, it becomes habitual. And you feels more energized physically and mentally. We need to stick to the plan and get past the first few weeks. And I promise, it will be worth it. Also, don't forget to drink lots of water. That helps keep you satified as well.

    As for me, I'm planning on a 20 minute Cardio in the evening. And dinner will be tuna salad (I add carrots, celery, sun-dried tomatoes, lemon zest, lemon juice, cilantro, salt and pepper to mine) with on whole wheat toast.

  • Hello! Glad y'all started this thread.  Yesterday, day 1, was pretty good. I didn't work out until 8pm and my lower body work out was not exactly what I planned it to be because the gym was super busy. I felt like I could have pushed myself harder and took notes and plan to do so next time I lift. I went to bed achy, exhausted and with a headache.

    I have a headache today too but I think all of our bodies are suffering from withdraw from CRAP! It will probably take a week or so to starting feeling good. I did do cardio this morning and it went really well. I just did a 5k so I was able to push a lot harder than I could before that training and it felt great.

    I'm so excited to be spending these next few months getting healthy instead of falling in to the winter weight gain slump, aren't y'all?!

  • "Pain is weakness leaving the body" ~US Marine Corps

    Day 2 - I thought that I would try to put up a quote each day to keep myself focused and motivated.  Yesterday I quoted "Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dream closer" since we all make the commitment to take actions and see this Challenge through.  

    Today I woke up and could definitely "feel" yesterday workout.  I love that post-workout soreness and have missed it during my "dark period" of overeating and gym avoidance.  This morning's cardio session was tough as well.  Who knew that just 20 minutes of high intensity focus on the stairclimber could be such a killer?!?!   So, for me, this temporary pain is my weakness leaving my body which will result in a stronger, healthier version of myself.

    Hope you all have a terrific Body-for-Life Day!

  • Yesterday was a great day for me today was OK started off good in the gym ate the right food but the kids didn't have school so it was pizza and chicken fingers for lunch. Oh well chicken and broccoli for dinner. Cuz I'm all in

  • Okay - Day 2 and I am still in!  Haha.  But its no joke that I did my UBWO last night at 8 pm and the only reason I did it was because I couldn't bear the thought of bailing on you all on the first day!  I was SO tired (probably from lack of artificial energy called SUGAR) that I wanted to go to bed right after dinner!  But I just went upstairs, got my workout clothes on, my shoes on and went downstairs and just did it!  I need the accountablility.  I am so sore and woke up with a raging coffee/sugar headache.  I had to take a couple tylenol and lay back down it was pretty bad.  But in a couple days I will be a new person with so much energy and drive that if I can just get through the first week I know it will get easier!

    thinkbig - we will lose weight not gain through the winter. Thats such a good prospect to think about!

    monrac - thanks for the advice, its always good to remember this will pass!  I am having turkey burgers tonight (I cook up regualr hamburgers for hubby who hates turkey burgers) on wholewheat bun with lettuce tomatoe and cranberry mustard.  I will also have veggie sticks and dip and then for the rest of the family I put out veggies and dip.  When I make turkey chili for me I make regular chili for family. Add a salad and its a great ez meal.  With most meals, like grilled chicken or baking a whole turkey or making fish, I can usually just make one meal, add potatoes and I just use salsa on mine and they can have butter or whatever. Its not hard to incorporate this into healthy family meals that all can eat.

    Jmont - you are suffering from sugar deprivation for the first few days - or week - just get through it however you can.  Chewing sugar free gum sometimes helps with the boredom.  If your energy doesn't increase, make sure you are eating enough carbs - protein and carb counts should be EQUAL.  Don't skimp on the carbs to try to lose faster - it only makes you tired and doesn't help with weight loss. I can tell you this - it won't get any harder than the first day!

    balancing act - my snacks I keep on hand for quick meals - vanilla whey protein mix with water - I just keep the powder jug on my counter next to the blender - throw a sccop in and a half cup of water and blend it and drink it straight from the blender!  Also, almonds, natural crunchy peanut butter (no sugar)

    on one pc whole wheat bread (this is usually my breakfast).  Cottage cheese, sliced apples and TBS of PB.

    If not now then when?  ~Unknown Author


  • and Rockinit - yes, I have much weakness leaving body today!!  

    I have decided to speak to my road blocks - heres what I mean. The thought of giving up coffee with cream and sugar was really bothering me. Its what stops me from losing weight and being the best I can be.  I know it sounds silly but I have really struggled mentally with myself over this addiction for the past few weeks and especially as Nov 7 drew closer!  So I thought to myself "I am NOT going to let COFFEE hold me back from my dreams!!!!"  So from now on thats how I am going to overcome my obstacles - by affirming to myself that those things will not hold me back.  It really helped me to say it outloud because then I could hear how ridiculous it was for me to be stressing out and lowering my potential for such a silly reason as a cup of coffee!  Coffee has no hold on me now - but this headache sure does - sheesh!