Starting!!!! NOV 14!!!!! I need a good support team...

  • DAY ONE of my next challenge!!!  DMRN you starting too?


    Here is my motivational cork board I put together:

    It's got my goal sheet, a list of what I feel like when I eat crap, some of the races I did or coming up, and pics of various things I want to do like handstands, and be stronger to get better at pushups and pullups.


    off to do my UBWO!

  • How are the rest of you doing??

    My first week is going good.  I've made excellent choices.  AFter about 3-4 days is always when I start to look at my chicken/rice/veggie plate as monotonous.  I do change it up.  But trying to reach until that 7th day is hard.  Wish free days were always 4 days apart!! I could SO do that!

    For this challenge I'm also cutting out nuts and cheese.  I was eating them normally, but think those really had an impact on my results.  It's more like I was maintaining.  So now I just reserve them for free day.  I take free days on Thursdays for now 'cuz we get together with friends.  And when I bit into a piece of cheese last night, oh my the flavor was intense.  Same with sugar!