Starting Monday, November 7th - Anyone with me????

  • Hello Everyone!  

    Just found this thread and started BFL today as well.  So glad to know I won't be alone.  Have thought about doing this for years and just never pulled the trigger.  I am very excited about doing this program and very happy to have so many others to share the journey.  Hoping to lose 20+ pounds by the end of the first 12 weeks and then plan to do another 12 after that to lose the last 10-15 pounds.  

    It is about 3pm in my neck of the woods (suburban Chicago), I have had three meals so far today and I am starving!  Anyone else feeling hunger pains today?  Will definitely take some adjusting to this new way of eating.

    Good Luck Everyone!  Look forward to reading your comments and feedback.  :)

  • I started BFL Challenge 1 on the 7th as well. I have attempted the challenge a handful of times in the past 10 years but nevver made it past week four. I feel ready, motivated, and dedicated. I hope to lose 10-20 lbs and gain strength. I also hope to be a role model and motivation for my family.

    Post Members: Please post your progress as other people's success motivates and inspires me!

  • Dear Rockit. Our goals sound quite similar. Let's do this!!!!

  • "Pain is weakness leaving the body" ~US Marine Corps

    Day 2 - I thought that I would try to put up a quote each day to keep myself focused and motivated.  Yesterday I quoted "Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dream closer" since we all make the commitment to take actions and see this Challenge through.  

    Today I woke up and could definitely "feel" yesterday workout.  I love that post-workout soreness and have missed it during my "dark period" of overeating and gym avoidance.  This morning's cardio session was tough as well.  Who knew that just 20 minutes of high intensity focus on the stairclimber could be such a killer?!?!   So, for me, this temporary pain is my weakness leaving my body which will result in a stronger, healthier version of myself.

    Hope you all have a terrific Body-for-Life Day!

  • Does everyone see that momof2 made a new group for us?  See:  ***We're All In - 11/7/11***

  • Yes - if everyone could move over to the "We're All In" thread that would be fandipidous!  Heres the link in case you can't find us:

    See you there!!


  • I love the quote! I am certainly feeling sore and achy all over. Can't stand this phase, but your quote makes the soreness much more palatable :0)

    Caroline *smiles*