Starting Nov 2nd...Hoping to stick with this one.

  • I completed the BFL in 2002 and was in the top 2000 finishers. For five years I stuck to and maintained a healthy lifestyle. A work related shoulder injury lead to a downward spiral of increasing stress at work, lack of sleep due to pain, depression and for the last 4-5 years I have felt like maybe I can't get back to that point. Although some of it is psychological, it seems like I feel pain every time I work out. It is such a negative correlation that I don't get that high like I used to get. Also, until February I am on a shift, which will require my workouts to occur at 0330 hours.  This year has been a struggle with these hours and getting anything out of my workouts at that time of the day seems unlikely. Still, I know if I don't do it in the am, its not going to happen because there is too much to do at night. I hope I can get the dieting right as planning seems to be a big issue. Say a prayer for me!

  • Sending well-wishings your way. You can do it!!!

    Eat to live. Don't live to eat.