New to the forum, getting started and need direction

  • I'm new to the forum and about to get started today. I read through the program and just so I understand it, it says to do 5 sets of each. Example: for legs workout complete 5 sets of 12x 10x 8x 6x ? and the same goes for the rest of the workouts. Thanks!

  • Welcome to BFL Miss C. Feel free to read my profile. I did the same as you several years ago....I read the book cover to cover before I started. For best results follow the program as close as possible.....the eating plan and the workout plan. Each bodypart  is trained using 5 sets with progressive weight. The rep range is 12-10-8-6.....then for the 5th set you drop back down to the weight you did 8 reps with and try to squeeze out 12 reps....then you immediately pick one other excersize for that bodypart and do 12 more reps. (this last set is called a super set because you are doing 2 excxersises back to back). Do this format for each body part. All the best on your fitness journey.

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  • Thank you fit4life. Wow! that is all I have to say. What an amazing transformation. I was skeptical, at first but you have definitely changed that perspective. I'm 40 and having the hardest time keeping the weight off. I've lost 60lbs on my own in the course of almost 4 yrs (sad isn't it?). I've gained 22lbs and hate it! After reading your profile, I have a different perspective about losing weight after 40. You've inspired me. I hope my body gets ripped too (lol), because that's another struggle I face.


  • You can do it!! Something important to remember is that this is a body transformation program not a weight loss program. Along with losing fat you will add good lean muscle so do not focus on the scale!!!!! Let your pants and belts be your guide. "Pants and belts tell the truth". If you were to lose 5 lbs of fat but added 5 lbs of muscle the scale would stay the same. My advice.....put the scale away and watch your body transform in front of the mirror. Glad to help anytime.

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  • Thanks for the support! One more many times do I repeat each set of 5?

  • One time. You do 5 sets for each body part. So for example for chest you would do 12-10-8-6-12/12. Then move on the next bodypart and do the same. When I do my upper body I would do my chest first followed by back....then shoulders....then triceps....then biceps.

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  • I'm so glad to have read that because today was my 1st weigh-in after week 1 and even though I followed the program as perfect as I could I only lost .8lbs.  I'm sure the weightlifting has something to do with that.  My work pants did feel a tiny bit looser today.  

  • Good for you. Keep up the good work. But....Stay off the scale. At most you want to weigh yourself once a month. You can do this!!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • @snowgirl41 - congratulations, that is great! keep up the good work, it is very inspiring and YES we can do it! :) fit4life has been very helpful in providing lots of useful information.

    @fit4life - Thank you for helping! :)

  • The website has all the information you'll need.  You might have to do some clicking to find everything but it's has pdf's and other great stuff.

    The training for life excel spreadsheet link is excellent for planning every day of your workout.  You can find that link here:

    Good luck!

  • I just realized those links didn't copy and paste right for some reason.  Here they are again.

    I took out the http://

    The forum messed up the links in the previous post so I deleted the http:// to see if it would fool it.

  • fitforlife, I can turn down muffins and halloween candy but I can't seem to stay off the scales.  I will have to work on that.  I guess I'm excited to see progress so.........

    My work pants (scrubs) fit better yesterday.  WooHoo!!  BFL is working!!

    Here's a post of mine I copied and pasted below.  Hope the quote from the book I'm reading helps someone else.

    Almost done with Week 2 and today is cheat day.  Knowing I have a cheat day has really helped me stick to the meal plan during the week.  It's been "Celebrating the Operating Room" week at the hospital where I work and different Reps have brought in breakfast and lunch for us.  Donuts, 530 calorie muffins, fried chicken,etc.  I did not eat any of it!!  I wasn't even tempted cause I knew my cheat day was coming and I could have what I really wanted.  Also, I didn't want to ruin the hard work I've put in the past two weeks.  

    My attitude is so different this time from other times in the past of trying to lose weight.  It's like something has  finally clicked in my head and I'm willing to do what it takes this time to reach my goal.

    Here's something I read in a book this week that has really helped me.......hope it helps someone else.

    "It requires enormous faith in yourself to stay focused on your goal when your current situation reflects something quite different.  To have faith regardless of your present circumstances requires great discipline-yet that is exactly what must happen if you want to make real changes in your life."

    Today is cardio at the gym with my sweet hubby and then we go eat at our favorite restaurant, Cantina Loredo.  Mexican food, YUM!!

    Have a great rest of the week!!  

  • Help!!!

    I got sick and was prescribed medication. I bumped out, don't have energy to workout and Dr. said to stay off the routine for at least a couple of days (ugh!). I also have a horrible sweet tooth that I'm battling with. Any suggestions on these two problematic issues, anyone??

    @snowgirl41 - CONGRATULATIONS! thank you for sharing your progress. it is motivating as well. I love how you can feel the progress. I can too and stayed away from the scale as fit4life recommended. However, I have the hardest time putting down the chocolates or sweets.

    @topdog - Thank you for all the links, it is very helpful. I've followed the links. I also like to get others feedback, just to make sure I'm following the program correctly. Thanks!

    @fit4life - Thanks for all your support, specially the scale one. It helps to check at least once a week.

  • Miss C, sorry you are sick.  I've read in the past if you are sick you should not work out.  Plenty of rest, fluids, healthy soups should help.  I feel like I have to have something sweet every night so I freeze ripe bananas in a baggie (one per bag) and eat those frozen.  Sometimes I nuke a tablespoon of semi-sweet mini morsels and dip the banana in it and add a few chopped walnuts.  You can also take a frozen banana and a little almond milk (or whatever you use for milk), put it in a blender and make "ice cream".  I've tried it several different ways and it's so good.  Non-fat, sugar free pudding with a little cool whip and few walnuts is good.  Drain a can of mandarin oranges, add a few chopped walnuts or almonds and some cool whip and you have sweet, crundhy, healthy treat.  Just a few things I like.

    I did not weigh myself today and have not since fit4life said don't do it.  Depending entirely on the way my clothes feel on me.  It's getting a little better.  I'm having fun on this journey.  

    Here's looking to an awesome Week 3!!!

  • Had a great week 3 and looking forward to my cheat day today!  My mom's birthday so we are going to breakfast and shopping.  A girl's day.  

    Miss C, hope you are feeling better!