October Beginners

  • Thanks for the encouragement, DavidinDallas.  My kids are part of my "why" - I gotta keep up! :)  3-4 weeks seems like a long time to adjust when I only have one pair of pants that fit right now! LOL  But, I'll get through it.  Thanks again.

    It's all about progress, not perfection.

  • So i think i overdid it. I worked on lower body Wednesday and ever since then i have been soo sore. I didn't even go to work today b/c i can hardly walk upright. I've been using Rub A5 35 and stretching, very carefully! I just hope skipping the gym for these two days is ok. i'm still eating right...no cheating!

  • Completed week 1 and am having my free day today.  I have had two meals today, the kind I used to eat, I haven't really enjoyed either one.  I am eating non BFL things today to help curg the urge during the week.  Good luck to everyone.

  • I had my free day on Thursday because I too CamiJ overdid my lower body workout on Wednesday. I could barely get up the stairs so I skipped my cardio and took my free day then. Don't worry about it, this is what the first week is for, for you to test the waters and to get a feel of what weights you should be using. Tomorrow's another day and you can carry on with your corrections. Hope you feel better.

    Well folks, week one is over already so congratulations to all of you! Bring on week 2!