Returning Fearless Forum Starting October 9th/10th- All Welcome!

  • Hi RFF!

    Hope everyone had a great weekend. I had a great run outdoors on Saturday in 30 degree weather! It was a relief to only run 4.5 miles! This morning was LBWO and I had a killer workout! I can't believe there are only a few more weeks left in this has FLOWN by!!!

    MSheep: I really don't know much about shin splints. I think I might have gotten them when I first started running years ago, but then once I got into a running routine, they went away. I would say to keep trying to run, even if it is intervals (run 5 minutes, walk 1 min, then repeat). I think like most things, once your body gets used to doing the exercise, your pain will decrease and eventually go away. Yes, if you pick a sprint-distance triathlon, the run will be no more than a 5k. When I was into doing triathlons, I mainly did sprint-level distance. They are a lot of fun and definitely doable. Just make sure you have a good road bike or a triathlon definitely can't do one on a mountain bike!!! Typically the distance for a sprint-level triathlon is: swim 300 M (sometimes can vary from 300 to 600 M), bike 15 miles (again can vary anywhere from 15-18 miles) and run 5k. The total time for a sprint triathlon varies of course by your level, but is typically only a little over an hour. I know you can do this! Let me know if you want any training hubby and I trained and competed in triathlons for years.

    Island: Hope you are ok!!! I am loving my 25 lb kettlebell and think I am about ready to move up to 30 lbs!

    John, LB, Sally....hope ya'll are still hanging in there!

    Have a great day and week!!!!

  • Hey RFF Im still here still doing the doo sorry I have been out of touch the past few days Work has been killin me and my night job i had no access to a computer with internet and logging on with my phone can be a real pain lol.. I haven't stopped been getting my workouts in

    Sheep: WOW u go lady lol.. U can call me anything you want You gave that workout a shot I am soo proud of you!!!! Isn't it a real killer lol.. U GO GIRL!! Im happy you are back in the saddle and am really looking forward to you posting your trials with us!

    Runnermom: thank you Thank you for checking up on me! I am here and ok doing what i gotta do to get it done lol.. I got all my workouts in this past week and even had to improvise on my circuit this past thursday with work being unbelievably crazy I had to set up a makeshift workout area.. what do you think....  


    yup a 20ft stainless steel container talk about sweat value! kettlebells and my jump rope and i was good.. Had a good UBWO friday circuit Sunday Saturday was freeday and kept it under control :-) Killed my LBWO this eve as well.. ok Im caught up.. Have a good night RFF aloha

  • Hi RFF!

    Island: Glad all is well!! You are so dedicated to get in your workouts even with your crazy work schedule. Love the gym modification!!! I truly believe you can have a killer workout with kettlebells and a jumprope!!!

    MSheep: Hope you are doing well and hanging in there!

    John: Are you still here? I think you said you had to go out of town (out of the country maybe??) so hope things are well with you.

    Accountability: Today was UBWO for me. I did P90x Shoulders and Arms. I think it is my favorite upper body WO of the series. I love working my shoulders!!! I also did some kettlebell swings and jumproping. Overall, a great workout!

    I made some veggie and turkey soup out of the Eating for Life cookbook. It is SOOO good! I will be eating it for a while since it made a ton! But, I put a lot in the freezer so I can eat it over the holidays and share with guests!

    Have a great day everyone!!!

  • RFF the dude here had an awesome UBWO Wednesday 110lb dumbbell bench presses for 6! Hammer strength iso row 180lbs on each side! feelin good and had a really good Cardio circuit training session with another interested friend about kettlebells I think hes sold :) Hope everyone is ok John... SHEEP! :) much aloha RFF will check back later

  • Runnermom: Thanks for your experience with shin splints. When I’m ready to get serious about training for a triathlon, I’ll touch base with you. I wouldn’t have any idea how to even get started, so any tips will be a huge help.  Thanks for the warning about bikes…I probably would never have even thought to get a different bike. Mine’s a cheap mountain bike (I carry tools because it falls apart every time I go out on it). You’re working with a 25# Kbell? Wow, good for you!

    Dude: Ha! I’ve made some progress on the name-calling front though :) I now tell myself to train dirty like the Dude.

    I tried the Kbell routine again. I can’t really go all out…limits of space and weights, but I’ve got a good routine worked out, I think. I’ve mixed the 5 moves with some 30-60 second sprints with a jump rope or stationary bike because one circuit of the Kbell routine kills me. (my 60 second “sprints” on the bike or with the rope are about a level 8/9 on the bfl cardio scale and those are my “breathers” before hitting the Kbell moves again). I’ve also decided to set my cell phone alarm for 20 minutes instead of trying to count how many times I go through the moves. I’m too busy trying to get through the exercises with form and speed..can’t count on top of it. :)

    Dude…I like the workout container. Resourceful, creative, sweat value, and private  Looks good. I admire how you carry your equipment with you and make sure you get those workouts in. Great job.

    As for me…I’ve decided to split my UBWO. I get bored and lose focus too fast. I saw runnermom’s posts about the px90 workouts and notice the UB is divided. So I do triceps and biceps one day; then chest, shoulders, back on another. So far it’s served me. I’m do a heck of a lot better and focusing and making it a good WO. Feeling sore in the biceps today, which feels great.

    My university gym opens late during December because we’re between semesters, so I’m doing cardio at home. I kinda miss the ellipticals, but if I really get my grove on and hit the Kbell/bike routine I’ve put together, then I feel like I’m getting a tougher workout.

    I still haven’t lost any weight, but boy I sure can feel the muscles. I have a great time flexing :)

    Dude: 110# dbell press! Holy smoking graving.

  • Hey RFF How u doin Ms. sheep Im am soo very happy that you have come back on here and you are kicking @$$ and taking names :) sheep what kind of cell phone do you have? If it's a smart phone like a droid or iphone try looking up interval timer apps Its awesome for circuit training so all you have to do is listen for the beeps to change up your exercise you set the beep for changes and a different one for when your circuit is over so you will know when to stop! I absolutely love it! and it's such a big help when you don't have to keep looking at the clock.. Keep strong all .. aloha and one more thing sheep Im looking to get those 120's before the year is up hehe :)

  • Good morning everyone! Hopefully you all surviving the holiday baking and work parties.  I have eaten tErIbLy this week.

    Island Dude…I’m a starving grad student…I’m afraid my cellphone is the most boring and app-less phone there is  But when I get off work tonight I’m going to check the company’s website and see if there’s something. I may be in luck. I’m glad you mentioned the interval apps. If I can’t find one, I might be able to get something off the internet that will play on my computer.

    I think part of my eating problems this week have come from frustration. It makes sense, right?...get frustrated about not losing weight, so might as well eat some more? Sigh. I’ve eaten really well and gotten my workouts for several weeks; I’d hoped to see changes.

    Try, try, again…

    I’m also having trouble getting my workouts in this week because of holiday things that must be done.  That and the gym doesn’t open until 8. There’s a space behind the garage in my house where I should go with a jump rope and my fake kettlebells to workout. I could at least get solid cardio in the morning for the next two weeks until the campus gym is open again.

    Ok, I’m not being very upbeat and energetic, am I? Let me try again: Oh boy, I’m so happy I’ve eaten terribly and haven’t lost weight so that I can learn how to perservere and endure and hold on when the going gets tough! Oh goody.  


    Anyways, I’m exhausted (and sick from the junk I ate for breakfast). I’ll post happy thoughts tomorrow.

    Stay strong Superhero Island Dude. I’m going to train monster-style tomorrow (after I get done sulking today) and be right back at you.

  • Hey RFF to those that are still following along I Just wanted to wish everyone a merry belated Christmas!! I still been keepin on although gave myself 2 freedays in a row.. its the holidays so it wont bother me.. Sheep keep on keepin on!! Don't give up you can do it!

  • RFF helloooooooooooooooooooooooo Sheep you still with us?? John?? anyone?? :-)

  • You know I'm still here!!!! Only 3 more days left in this challenge!!! Woo Hoo!

    Gonna start a new challenge in a week! Yea!!!