Newbie starting October 3rd 2011 - anyone ready to rally up??

  • Well, I guess everyone vanished, lol.  Everyone except for me and I am still doing my challenge, 7 weeks into it now with a 13lb, 15 inch loss so far!  I had to go buy new pants and new bras and throw out most everything I had cuz I shrunk so much.  I look down and can't recognize myself, lol.  I have more energy than I know what to do with and the strength I have now is awesome.  I stopped writing out my daily diet plan, cuz it just became routine and I use my cell phone alarm to let me know when meal times are.  Needless to say, my diet is spot-on perfect and I have never felt better.  I totally kicked the sugar/processed carb addiction.  The 5/25 plan is awesome!!  I will post again at 12 weeks and then my final amazing transformation pics at week 18.  

    I hope everyone is doing ok, miss you guys :))

    Lisa 18 weeks to the new you, No Excuses and No Defeat!

  • WOW!  Congrats Lisa!  I am on week 3 of my first challange.  I am finding my energy level is so much better, the diet has also become second nature but i am still planning my days.  I plan on sticking with this for at least 18 weeks before i take a week off at the beach.  Hopefully looking like a new me!  Keep up the good work!

  • @ - Andys10 that is awesome!  What workout plan are you doing, the old BFL or the new 5/25 plan?  Don't get discouraged if you don't see much of a difference at first, cuz it takes at least 8 weeks for the fat to actually really start moving.  That is what got me discouraged on my first challenge and I just about gave up because of it.  I'm so glad that I switched plans and tried it again.

    Looking forward to your updates :))


  • I assume it is the old plan, I am not sure how to tell…  I am such a noobie!  A work buddy let me borrow his book, I read it and it really made sense to me and motivated me and my wife to give it a shot.  She has been up every morning with me at 4:30AM hitting the gym by 5AM to workout 6 days a week!  She is my hero!   We both work full time, have 2 daughters, and own our own business.  We are both staying motivated and interested and have witnessed 7-8 pounds of weight loss in the first 2 weeks!  It has been such a great journey doing this with her.  I cant wait to start really seeing the 8-12 week results!

  • If you're doing the high-point routine, which is upping the weight and lowering the reps, then that is the old BFL plan.  Bill designed a new plan, which is the 5/25 plan.  It takes less time, requires less planning, and seems to give faster results.  You can find it here...

    UBWO -

    LBWO -

    Cardio -

    Bill's new site, also focuses more on the internal 'stuff' that we hang onto, cuz lots of people hang onto weight because of emotional stuff, so he has designed 18 steps to help people work through those.  It's mostly about changing the way you see things and the thoughts you think, from negative to positive.  That is what I have been doing for the last 6-ish weeks and it's made all the difference compared to the old BFL routine. 

    7-8lbs of loss in two weeks is an awesome result if you ask me!  I didn't see many results at all on my BFL challenge, which is why I switched to the new 5/25 plan.  If the BFL plan is working for you then stick with it and maybe give the new 5/25 plan a try next time around (if you do it again that is).  That is what lots of people do so that their body does not get used to the same routines.

    And yay to your wife for getting up and doing this with you. I just think that is soooo awesome!  Do keep me updated on how you do.  I'm still here even if I don't post often and will reply :)


  • Hey stranger,

    Yes I am still alive, although I have not had a great start to the new years in terms of workouts.

    I had a holiday binge xmas to new years.  Then right after New Years I got sick with a nasty cough/cold that kept me down for 3-4 weeks.  Then I hit a dear with my car and felt that a little bit.  Wife had surgery so I was keeping an eye on her, etc....

    So life happened, some excuses, lack of motivation, etc.  I can feel the difference and the added weight/padding on me and haven't hit that pissed off point yet to get my butt back to the gym.

    I am so happy that you are doing so well and are seeing GREAT results.

    I am still lurking here, but am very disappointed with myself right now.


  • First of all Paul... {{hugs}}  and don't be too hard on yourself.  Sometimes life is just really overwhelming.  You'll get back to it, you just have other stuff to deal with right now and it really sounds like life is ganging up on you.  I did the same thing during our last challenge, remember?  I had  to reach bottom sometimes to get back on track.  I made the decision on New Years to move out in June/July and file for divorce... my rock bottom and my reason to live again.  I just about gave up after that last challenge, till I finally got angry with myself and got back on track and you will too, just don't beat yourself up over it... life does happen and the good thing is that there is always a new tomorrow on the way, you'll get there... and we'll be right here waiting for you and supporting you when you do make it back :)

    Just try to take care of yourself