Newbie starting October 3rd 2011 - anyone ready to rally up??

  • Newbie starting October 3rd 2011 - anyone ready to rally up??

  • Yes, I am in New Zealand and have been researching how to do this for a little while now so I am prepared (or so I think).

  • Good morning!

    I was planning on starting soon so I'll join you both. I did a practice week to acclimate myself again. I've done this plan many times but never actually went through with the challenge part of it. I had not been able to do a lot of the upper body exercises correctly because of a shoulder that used to dislocate. However, i had that fixed in April and I'm 85% there with range of motion. I'm excited about being able to do everything correctly now.

    I'll use this weekend to get my notebook in order. I'll print out new pages and put them in there in order.

    I'm glad to have two people starting on the same day.

    My names Patricia. Would you like me to call you by your username or your real name?

    Enjoy your next few days of anticipation. This is gonna be great!


  • Hi Patricia and Ahnoohmei, my name is Lara and it's great to hear from you. I have never done this before but have been reading up and organising food for next week and the exercise schedule. My partner is also going to do it with me but because he is going away for a week we decided he will start a week later.

    I am really excited too because I feel really focused and ready for my personal challenge.

    I have a condition that predisposes me to putting on weight around my middle section (I also haven't been helping the issue though with lack of exercise and wrong foods sometimes) and I really want to acheive not only weight loss but better health for my future.

    It would be great to keep up with anyone who is doing this at the same time so let me know how you go.


  • Do you need the book for this?

  • Good stuff, I am excited to get started. My name is Delin, good to met you Lara & Patricia. So I'm doing my first grocery shop over the weekend but I think I will try and just prepare my meals the night before. If I just pre-cook my whole week, then the food will lose nutrients and it breaks down the I am told. So I will cook as I go. I will be using a protein drink (made solely of yellow peas) for two of my 6 meals. I can't stand eggs in the morning so for me, french toast, pumpkin oatmeal, or toast with almond butter. Since I am from Canada, Myoplex is apparently only available in the States so I will probably use a product like Ensure Meal Replacement Drinks here and there - maybe once every 2 or 3 days for a meal.

  • KatH, you definitely want to buy a copy or read Body For Life before you get started. Especially if u r brand new to the whole 'health' concept like me. The book provides insight for both the eating and work out aspects to the program.

  • Just joining too. Tried this a long time ago and quit it didn't fit in with my life and work. Now things seem more manageable even though my eating habits are not manageable.  If we start on the third we will be done the week of Christmas. What a great present to ourselves!!!  Good luck.

  • I looked on the nutrition part of the website and wrote down a number of options using other people's ideas for meals and some of my own as well to form my plan of attack. I'm not used to eating 5-6 meals a day so I want to be sure it's all planned ahead of time to suit my tastes and make it interesting.

    Most of the meal options (e.g. meat and salad, or protein and carbs) are pretty basic for me so will not take much time to cook, it's just knowing what I have to shop for and eat on a certain day. I will be using a lot of spices and herbs and making oil-free marinades for flavour. I am looking at also having brothy soups (low sodium) as part of my meals with the smart carbs if I feel extra hungry. A lot of planning, but I think it will become easier as I go.

    And yes, I thought that it would be great to finish around Christmas time. Here in New Zealand it's summer-time at Christmas so it will be good to feel more confident and toned in summer clothes.

  • Hi KatH,

    I agree with Delin. The book will be very helpful to have on hand while you are actually doing the exercises and for double checking all the little details as you go along. There are lots of little things that take a while to fully understand. Until you have them down you'll probably need to be able to look at it over and over. The web site probably has most of the same information but it's easier to have a book to hold in your hand at times. Then you can read it anywhere. If you're really adept at using an iPhone or other device that gives you access anywhere that might do ... but I'd recommend getting the book.

  • Delin,

    Couldn't you order some of the products and have them sent to you? As for ensure meal replacement drinks, I'd check to see how they compare to Myoplex. I am surprised at the variations of protein/carb ratios. What about just buying some EAS whey protein powders to make your own meal replacement drinks?

    I've never heard of the protein drink made of yellow peas. Interesting. I'll have to look into it.

    One of the things I keep on hand to make speedy meals is cottage cheese. There are a gazilion ways to enjoy it. I eat it on rye crisp, mixed with fiber one, dolloped onto soup, with raw vegetables, with cooked vegetables, mixed with plain yogurt and sweetened, etc. It is so easy and not expensive. I also make batches of grain based salad like tabbouleh ( but I use barley and quinoa instead of bulgar wheat) and eat that with a serving of cotttage cheese. Another staple is homemade soup ( which I also eat with cottage cheese)

    I bought a bag of frozen chicken tenderloins yesterday. They're smaller than chicken breasts and more tender. I'm trying to make sure I have food that I can make the quick meals with. It will make it so much easier if I actually plan some of this. I think it'll get easier and easier if I think it through initially and set myself up well. Of course, I'll probably be figuring things out as I go so I'll modify when necessary.

    I enjoyed hearing your options for breakfast foods. Reading about what others are doing will give us new ideas. Thanks for listing them.

  • Are the rest of you getting a notebook or clipboard ready to record your progress? I am printing out the pages I need and organizing it. When I've done it that way in the past it makes the exercising much easier and it's actually fun. I am not naturally a structured person but I find that it helps me tremendously and it's very satisfying. It makes me feel like an organized person ... or I get a taste of what it's like ... and it's certainly beneficial.

  • Hi Everyone!

    I decided to start today because I couldn't wait one more day! LOL! I'm doing my grocery shopping, setting goals,printing up work sheets...

    I've got a question....I entered the Challenge 2011 online but I wsn't sure if I missed the cut off/start date. Do any of you know? I'm finding lately that I'm more competitve than I thought and that entering a competition would keep me honest.

    Otherwise, I'm just excited to get started.

    I made a side goal of running a 5k on the first weekend of December so my cardio option id using the Couch to 5k free podcast from Itunes. Sweated like CRAZY! I feel like a million bucks! Today I need to drag out my old weights and set them up for 5am tomorrow.

    Are you ready?! :)

  • Starting today too, let's start off strong!

  • Ok workout done and eating my breakfast of turkey sausage with eggs and cheese.  So yummy!  Good luck today.