Anybody starting Sept 26, 2011? If so, mount up.

  • My husband and I are starting BfL next Monday (09/26/11)-- anybody else in?  We're in the Seattle area and used to be pretty fit (he's athletic, I'm stubborn), but life and health issues got in our way.  But no more!  I am so tired of having only one darn pair of jeans-- I'm serious.  I refuse to go shopping for more, thinking that if I buy multiple pairs of "fat pants" they will fast become just "pants."  Know what I mean?  

    Game face, everybody, game face.  Let's do this!!!  


  • My husband and I are also planning on starting 9/26.  We grew up in Eugene, OR, not too far from you.  We are now in AZ, had to get outta the rain.  

    Would love to have support of others!!


  • I'm starting 9/26 too! Baby boy turned six months old today, and it's time for me to get it back together! :)

  • Hello there,  I too have signed up to start 26/9 (tomorrow).   I'm in Australia and our December  is summer here, and I want to be confident & toned in swimmers, not all covered up.

    My time starts now:-)

  • oh and my little bubs turns 6 months in a few days.  I'm doing this before he is running around me:-)

  • Hey guys!! I'm starting tomorrow too! Excited for the end result in 12 weeks, but slightly scared of the DOMS that is gonna plague me over the next week or two!! I'm in the UK so we don't have the BFL challenge over here, but hopefully results will show on my wedding and honeymoon pics in December!! How are you guys all doing your diet? Are you using supplements or just dong it with food? Let's make this a really successful 12 weeks for us all!! xx

  • OK....I am probably old enough to be "mom" to most of you (in my 50's)...but I am in. I am starting tomorrow but my BIGGEST hurdle is taking a before photo. I want to whine and I have to???? Gonna do it, though.

  • I am with you - I turn 50 on October 12.  I did BFL several times in 2002-2006 and got down to my goal weight of 135.  Then over the past 5 years, fell off the wagon and gues what ... I am back to where I started back when I turned 40.  I'm dissappointed but committed.  ready to start tomorrow.  I need this forum to help push me.  HELP!

    BTW, my before photo taken today - I cried my eyes out.  How did this happen!?

  • Oh, I cringed a little at my before photo, too, but I just imagine that I look a whole lot like the Venus of Willendorf (that prehistoric fertility sculpture) or a Paul Reubens painting, and I feel better. I don't beat myself up, because it's that stinking thinking that makes me want to comfort myself with food.

  • Count me in!  Have a great first day eveyone!

     Eat well, be strong & live life to the fullest!

  • starting myself on the 26th cant wait best of luck everybody roll on christmas

  • I am starting my second challenge on 9/26

  • I am going to start on 9/26 also. I want to use food instead of the supplements. anyone else doing this.

  • I'm in!

  • I started Thursday! Was just the most opportune time and didn't want to give myself an excuse to splurge one more day!

    I guess this will be my group! :)

    I have completed one BFL challenge before, pretty successfully. I have since failed to complete more challenges - too many excuses and a broken ankle in the way. I've since gained some of the weight back and I'm ready to go for it allll the way again.