Starting 9-12-2011 LET'S GET IT ON

  • hey man.  newbie here too.  started 9/11 (i want saturday as my free day).  i'm in day 3, and so far so good.  getting up an hr earlier to go to the gym so not only am i sore, i'm exhausted!  how's it going for you?

  • I started 9/11 also!  Here's to our progress in the days and weeks to come!

  • I'm sore also, but I can take that, it's this waking up at 5:00 a.m. that I'm going to have to get use to. Keep me posted on how your doing.

  • Keep me posted on how you do, I'm ready to see my missing relatives the 6 pack. lol

  • Hell, I'm ready to just see my feet!  

  • How was everyones week 1?  Took my weights/measures yesterday.  I'm down 3.5 lbs.  I'm also using this US Navy bodfat calculator online, so I have to measure my neck and my waist around the naval at your widest.  Based on yesterdays measurement, I'm down 2.5 inches around the waist, which really seems too high for a 3.5 lb weight loss.  When I plug these numbers in that calcuator, it's coming back with a 4% reduction in bodyfat, from 24 to 20.  I honestly think I might not have been too accurate on my week 1 measurements, so I'm just curious to see what next week brings.

  • It's been a good week, boy I loved my free day. Thursday I could barely walk, my calfs were locked up tight, but I recovered a day later. I have not yet weighed this week but am going to on Wed, will let you know. Amazing how I already feel stronger and can see a difference in the mirror. 6 small meals a day took a bit of getting use to but, went shopping and pre made all my dinners for a week, if you haven't tried that give it a thinking needed. I'll keep you posted on loss of weight.

  • The first week went by quick.  I lost an inch on my waist. That will keep me going.

    What are others doing as far as eating after workouts?  How soon?  The book says to wait an hour but I am sure I also saw to eat within the first half hour?  I have been eating within the first half hour.  Which is correct?

  • Hey JPB

    On lift days I'm pounding back a protein shake as soon as I'm done working out and on cardio days waiting 1 hour before I eat anything and that is because your still burning fat, if you put anything in your body before then your kind of working against what your trying to do. Think of it this way, after cardio your body is burning fat, if you put food in your body, your body now has food to burn instead of fat.

  • Hey 1bigmes

    I lost 2 pounds, guess I'm on the right track, because I know that I'm turning that fat into muscle.

  • Good work, man!  I hear you on the free day.  Just being able to sleep a little late and not hit the gym was enough for me but that plus the free day from the diet was even better.  Ate a big ole bunch-o-crap...a cheesesteak for lunch, movie theatre popcorn, fried chicken for dinner.  Should have weighted myself b4 free day and after to see how much damage i did to myself.  But, dont know about you, didnt find getting back on the BFL horse difficult at all.  Really charged up about this.  I know what you mean about feeling stronger and seeing differences in the mirror.  Thought i was hallucinating about that,  but i think things do look and feel a little tighter.

  • Pump,

     Thank you. I was taking the wait an hour as a blanket rule. I will follow your advise.

  • How's everyone doing on week 3?  Question for you guys....were you planning on changing your U&L workout exercises for week 5?  That's not mentioned in the book, but I've seen it mentioned on some of the forums here.