Anyone Starting on 9/12/11??

  • Hello Everybody,

    Well, I haven't posted in a while, but I am still here and plugging away at my workouts.  I had my first major set back this week, which is kind of sad since I had not missed a single workout in 7  weeks and then Week 8, I just fell apart.  I took Halloween off and enjoyed candy, pizza and wine, but I ended up skipping my last two workouts of the week which should have been Saturday and Sunday.  I am bummed, but am getting myself back on track today.  I have been very sloppy with my eating in the past two weeks, but other than the missed workouts, I have been pushing very hard through each exercise session.  Don't know what's up with me.  I am not quitting though and will be doing my missed LBWO at 430 pm, before dinner.  You are all great and continue to motivate me.  My energy is very low.  I will try to post happier thoughts after my workout tonight!  Take care everyone:)

  • Funny you should mention week 8....I found it a bit of a challenge, mostly with two things being discouragement, wanting to give up, etc. I managed to do all my workouts, but I had to fit two workouts in on Thrusday rather than spread it out...(I was out of town). But, the eating, I went crazy towards the end of the week, and even this week I feel like I'm really pulling my butt out of bed to keep chugging along...I look at myself in the mirror and look at parts of my body that aren't doing what I want them to do.

    This all this being said....we've come along 8 weeks, we're WAY over half way there, and I believe the next three weeks are CRUCIAL! we need to refocus, remind ourselves of where we WERE and where we ARE and bust our butts off!! (Litterally!) WE CAN DO IT! and the results are going to surpass the way we feel now!

    WE CAN DO IT!- It's been proven time and time again!

  • Ok everybody, I need some serious help.  I don't know what I am doing wrong.  I have stuck to the eating guidelines like my life depended on it, and I think I have only missed 3 workouts this whole time.  Was there something else I was supposed to do that I'm not?  Unfortunately for me, the long-waited for week eight has been less than magical for me, and I don't know if it's something that I'm doing or not doing.  I guess I just expected to see some more definitive results by now.  Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well.  Sorry for the whiney post.  I'll be better in my next one, I promise. :)

  • Yea, I feel the same, but remember what Travis' post said about how sometimes people don't see the transformation until week 10 or even 12!

    We do have another month to go....we just need to keep at it!

    Have you taken pictures to compare? or measurement?

    I'm looking forward to taking mine this weekend, as I feel I need to see some results! I'm also planning on doing another challenge!

  • Hey guys!!! How is everyone doing??? I am doing good, staying strong;) Had such a great lower body workout friday I am still feeling it LOL...ok I got some before & 9week pics for you;)

  • Ivy! You look AWESOME!!!! I can def see the transformation in your back, thighs and stomach! Great job!!!

    I too have my week 9 pics...

  • Hey all.  Its been awhile since I posted.  Been crazy at work with no change in site for a bit.  

    I looked at both Karli and Mommy's blogs and 9 week pictures.  

    Awesome work you two!


  • Hey Everyone,

    Doing well here. I have seen slight changes in my body, but considering I've eaten BFL about 75% of the time and worked out only 50% of the time, it's really no surprise that I haven't seen the kind of changes I saw in C1. However!!! I started walking on my lunch breaks (30 minutes, a little over 2 miles) 4-5 days a week and I finally have everything I need to do 10 Minute Trainer. I did upper body on Tuesday and Lower Body today and, man, they are good workouts! In 10 minutes, I get a workout that makes my heart beat out of my chest and my muscles feel like jello. Perfect. I'll finish strong and still post my "after" photos.


    I only get one chance at life on earth. It's heaven I'm preparing for, so I'm going to give it my best!

  • Hey everyone!

    Week 11 is halfway over.  T-day is tomorrow.  What are your plans?  I plan to get up early and get my HIIT in.  Yes extra calories are in the plan but the good news is we are going somewhere else to eat which means no leftovers at my house!  So by Friday it is back to the gym for my UBWO and back on eating plan.  No free day on Sunday since I will be eating on Thursday.  We are in the home stretch now.  Check in and let everyone know how it is going.


  • hey guys!

    How is everyone doing? I can't believe we're almost done with 12 weeks! What an accomplishment! I am with you Travis, no free day sunday bc of turkey day;) I missed a few workouts last weekend due to a minor outpatient surgery I had friday morning but I am back infull swing this week....I was wondering what all of your plans were for after week 12? I plan to keep going and was thinking if there is anyone else who wants to continue maybe we could think of a group name in stead of 9/12 and start a new forum?? Congrats on making it this far guys!!

  • Hey everyone. Still here although i have not posted in awhile. Been busy trying to get settled in our new house and still don't have internet. Saw some of the ladies progress photos. AWESOME job! Goes to show the scale is not the best indicator of success when weight training! I definitely plan to continue on after this challenge as i have followed the program so loosely and am finally able to get regular wrkouts in and have a real kitchen t cook in and noo longer have to rely on meals ate out. Very excited to finish up this challenge and hit the road running with the next!

  • Where is everyone? Hope everyone was able to see some positive changes. I am excited to start a new challenge...and this time have the tools needed to stick with it better.

  • Hey momma!

    I am here but have been really busy with no time to post.  My challenge ended with a lot of positive visible changes.  I will post pics first chance I get.  Everyone else check in too!


  • Hey guys! I am here too!!! I can't believe we hit our 12 week mark! I am thrilled and ready to keep it up! I am pleased with my 12 week results and can't wait to see my next results! They are up on my blog;) I am down 23lbs and over 10inches;) whoo hoo how did everyone else do?