Of course...a new member question..s:

  • Hi all!


    A few questions:

    1-Can we have salad with our dinners (1 protein, 1 carb , 1 vegetable and a salad too?) We always have a fresh salad...with olive oil and vinegar

    2-Very bad to miss breakfast...? I go to the gym after I leave the kids at school at 8 am. by the time i return it's 840-9ish...then i wait one hour before eating...and ir's close to 10....but they i only have the shake...should i still have breakfast?



    Thank you so much!



  • jaja:

    1. Yes to salads. Just watch the dressings. I have salads with both my dinner and supper as a rule - not a huge one, but salad none the less.

    2. You need to eat 6x a day to keep everything working - hydration, metablolism, insulin levels, fat burning, energy levels etc etc. If your first meal is at 10 then do you eat at 12, 3, 6, 9 and 11? You will have to experiment what works for you as you go.

  • My weekends usually go like that Legs.   OP it's okay to do it that way, as long as you are getting it in.  There are days when I eat every 2 to 2.5 hours apart just so I can squeeze it in.

  • Me too Armster - especially on  strength days. I seem to need my first 3 meals bang bang bang.

  • For sure.   Feel the pangs fairly quickly on those days.