Women 50 and over

  • Hi Helen!

    How nice to meet you! You're the first person around here that I've met who has actually DONE the BFL workouts or done a challenge. I've met a gazillion people in different gyms who say "oh, that's a great book" but no one has actually said that they've done it. I love it. I've used it off and on since about 2000. Never entered a challenge though because I felt motivated enough on my own without it. But, I am loving having friends here who are doing the same thing.

    I'd love to run my shoulder situation by you and see what you think of it. I don't have time right now to put down any specifics but I'll do it soon. I took some notes of things to ask you while doing my UBWO this morning.

    That's great that you've got a specific focus as a trainer. I would imagine that a lot of people need that type of specialization.

    I will ask this one shoulder question though, what kind of shoulder surgery did you have? Mine was to repair a torn labrum, the lip that holds the humorous in place. It's possible that the recovery and exercise plan is similar anyway but I never had any torn muscles like most people with rotator cuff  surgery. Everyone assumes that's what I had. I even talked with a  trainer today who was insisting that was what I had ... it was weird. She hadn't heard of a labrum so " it didn't exist" (... in her mind.)

    One more question ... what gym do you go to? Do you, by any chance,  go to the one that has the "bodpod" ( not sure of the name) body fat testing device?  

    Thanks again for introducing yourself! I'm delighted to "meet" you!

  • Hi Patricia -

    yup it's the Weymouth Club - great place 'cause we have everything from Physical Therapy to a Figure contest (one of my fellow trainers is a former Mr. Universe).  I love the corrective exercise focus - I did the NASM certification about a year ago - still struggling to get the word out that you don't have to have an injury to benefit from it, but it's starting to catch on.

    The trainer you spoke with needs to learn the cardinal rule - if you don't know, say "I don't know, but I will find out for you."  The labrum is actually the primary stabilizing mechanism for the shoulder - without it, the joint would look like a soccer ball on a golf tee!  In my case, I tore the labrum first, and let it go (thanks to a mis-diagnosis) and eventually  tore the main rotator cuff muscle tore completely in half!

    Exercise modifications will depend on where your tear was - SLAP tears are the most common, they are on the top, close to the biceps tendon, so biceps tendinitis is a common problem.  The other tear I am familiar with is a Bankhart (sp??) tear which is down lower and in the front.  If you are finished PT, there are no specific restrictions, but some exercises may be more comfortable than others, and most people need to continue working range of motion.  Email me if you want more specifics: helen@fitness-togo.com

    Whatever you can do or dream, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it! -Goethe-

    Discipline is remembering what you want :-)

  • I'm very happy to say I'm back to looking like I did in the June 2010 photo in my profile which was accomplished after 6 1/2 official BFL challenges in a row.  I put on that same outfit this week and was very comfortable in it.  Even my arms are starting show that definition again. :-)

    This time I only needed 12 weeks to get back to where I was last year.

    Keep pressing ahead ladies.  It will come if you put in the work.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!