Women 50 and over

  • Are there any women that are 50 and over in BFL? If so, I'd very much like to hear from you. We have things in common that younger woman may not have experienced at this point. Thanks


  • I am almost 50 -- does that count?  I am 48 this year.  I am just starting tomorrow.  I look forward to how I will feel and look when I am finished.  I feel like this is going to be the biggest challenge of my life!!  Anything specific you'd like to talk about?

  • I'm so glad it's not just me. We will have to push each other. Has the pre-meno started kicking in yet?

  • p.s. not it doesn't count! I think it will be even more gratifying to show off our transformation!

  • Yes!!  About 10 years ago!  Misery!!  I worked out this morning -- still feelin' the burn!!

    I think you are right...it will definitely be more gratifying!!  I took my before pics last night -- yuk.

    :P  Have to work now, I will write when I get home!  How was YOUR morning!!??

    Have a great day!

  • Bright One and JosiD - At last, others!  I am 50 in March 2012.  I am in the 01 August group and no one is my age.  I think the closest one is ten years younger.  So you haven't started the challenge yet?  I'm in my sixth week.  Monday will be day 1 of week 7.  I'm doing well so far.  I have kept up with all the workouts.  I struggle with eating six times a day, though.  I look forward to the final results.  What are your struggles?  What are your goals?

  • I'm 62.  I started (this time) on Sept 1st.  I completed 3 challenges in 2003.  I looked so good.  I was upset because I didn't place in the contest.  STUPID to feel that way.  I DID win by transforming the way I did.  It took me a year to put on all the weight I lost.  I have gained 40 lbs since then and one day I woke up and said ENOUGH!!!   I'm so looking forward to my transformation.  It will probably be harder since I've aged 8 years, but I'm not giving up.

  • Day one for me!  Upper body weight lifting this morning.  Not bad for day one.  I'll let you know how I feel tomorrow!  I started one time before - I think I mentioned - my mom had emergency surgery that day and we spent the next week by her side (I ached all over until day 4).  I took it a little easier this time because I want to succeed.  I had my bones fused in my neck 8 weeks ago -- so slow, but sure will get me there, I think.  I am excited to get on with it...I have been waiting for months to begin again.  

    No stuggles yet -- I am eating/shakes and almost nothing else though -- I think I need to figure out a happy medium.  I am extreme when it comes to diet -  either NO ICE CREAM or ALL ICE CREAM!

    Mint chocolate chip is my fave!  I'll miss it, but it is worth it!  :)

    I snack on atkins bars (low carb) so I don't gain weight.  I love bread so I took out the bread and the sugar from my diet.  The shakes are because I find myself hungry at my desk and that is the best I can do at work.....it only takes a minute to drink and it lasts until I get home.

    How about you monscal?  Any advice to help us get to week 7?!  How are your results so far?

    I want to lose 30 pounds -- I am hoping to get to where I feel GOOD again.  I am dragging myself around and I am tired all the time.  Time to do something about it!!


  • Bright One:  How did your day go?

  • I would have felt the same way -- sounds like you worked very hard to get there!  You are a winner FOR SURE!  

    You'll do fine, just don't quit!  8 years is nothin!!!  :)  Keep positive!

  • Hi Bright One.  I am 52 (as of May 2011).  I am starting my new life once again  My photo reminds me of where I have come from.... in 2001 I was over 400 pounds.  Now still struggling, but well down to 245.  I have gotten down lower in weight, but had physical issues in June.  Was in the hospital for a 8mm kidney stone & emergency laser surgery and a week's stay in the hospital as well.  Since then have been fairly sedentary.  I am getting back on track  Meet with my trainer tomorrow evening (Friday 9-9-11).  This round of BFL is going to be the charm..

    Or so I am telling myself.  Let's just see.


    Me Jan 2001 - 400 lbs


      Me before my recent weight gain (This was May 2011) at my son's graduation.


    I look forward to communicating with you over 50 ladies to discuss our trials and tribulations. 

    Best Regards & Keep the faith :)

  • I forgot to mention, I attribute my previous wonderful weight loss to BFL.  At first, my excuse for not sending in the packet was I didn't want to take a photo of me in a bathing suit.  Then I didn't get it mailed in on time.....

    This time, I will take the correct photos, 2 piece bathing suit and all, as well as upload all information online.  Now technology has my back.  I hope I do well this time.  Here's hoping.  (Although I technically began on September 2.  I haven't begun the intense food/work out routines.  Working out starts tomorrow, and food begins Monday.

    Best Regards & Keep the faith :)

  • Hey JosiD! You know what my struggle is??? Sweets... have the flashes often and it's sooooo draining! I have my grandson with me most days of the week, and it's very difficult to break away and get my work outs in. I didn't do my cardio until 9:00 p.m. Yesterday didn't get a workout in, so it allowed it to be my "rest" day, so I've got to make this work. I already get up at 5:00 to get ready for work, so I'm not sure I can get up earlier....I'm hopeful though.

  • Awesome! you've done it once, you will do it again! Please share your food ideas...the meal planning is a challenge for me.

  • Wow! you go girl!