Question about post workout shake

  • Hello all!  I am new to this program and trying to figure out a few things.  According to the book, it says not to eat for one hour after working out.  I have read a few postings on here that talk about a post-workout protein shake.  The former program I was on did required a shake 30 minutes after working out to help rebuild muscles.  I'm not really sure what to do.  Anyone got any advice??

  • I think when you do your weight training you should have the protein drink, but when you do cardio you wait for an hour and then eat whatever, but I've heard oatmeal post cardio is best. I'm sure you'll get lots of other opinions. I'm no expert, jut beginning this myself :)

  • sciteach...

    It is RECOMMENDED to do HIIT prefood or empy tummy. Then wait 1 hour.  And yes, within 30 minutes after lifting. Some peeps have 1/2 shake before lifting and the other 1/2 after.  And keep in mind the carb/protien balance in the shakes.

  • Post workout you want to have your Whey protein, any BCAA supplements and a carb. This will shoot to those muscles and start the rebuilding. Whey is the easiest and quickest protein to get there fast and that is why it is recommended post workout.

  • Thanks Trudy!  One more question...would you count the post-workout shake as a meal??  I am assuming so but just want to be sure. mentioned the carb protein balance.  Do you know what the balance is???  50% protein 50% carb???  60/40???

  • 40/40/20 - protein/carb/fats. Generally, women shoot for about 20g of protein and carbs per meal. I don't remember the general counts for men.

    I can't answer your other question.

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  • Sciteach - after I workout I have oatmeal with a scoop of vanilla protein - a meal. Any "food" with 20g protein, 20g carb would be a meal in my mind.

  • AHHHH... I knew the Smarticles would show up eventually!  AND just in time!  Thanks gals!

  • Thank you everyone for all of your wisdom!!  I so greatly appreciate and the info was priceless!!!

  • Hi all,

    I'm new to the program as well. I was going to start yesterday but after reading the forum I'm going to wait until I read the book. I've ordered it and it should arrive tomorrow or Wednesday. I'm really excited!

  • The book is great and it's an easy read.  I also have the Eating for Life book. which is awesome as well and highly recommend it.  Good luck and best wishes!!