Loove this program! Tucson, here;) Starting Sept. 5! Who else?!=P

  • The Body For Life Program, for many years, was a way of life for me!! I learned EVERYTHING from it thanks to Bill Philips!!Let's see if I can finish it! Support ALWAYS works best and I've done this many times and found, after experiancing it, to be just a way of life..Now, with a new life, hard situations and obstacles, I want this challenge(way of life) to be apart of my life again!...I want to FINISH IT! Furthest I got was a little over 2 months!! Anyone want to be on TEAM 9/5? :)

  • Tashiana - if you are going to actually sign up for the challenge you have to start today.  Just an FYI


    I am in control!

    Nothing tastes as good as being skinnier feels!

  • Hi Tashiana,

    I would love to join you.  I've just sent my little girl off to school after neglecting myself for 3 years.  I am ready to reclaim my life and get healthy and fit.  

  • I am in!!!! Looking forward to a rewarding 12 weeks!!! We can all do it!

  • It's on!!!!  I did this program at the beginning of 2010 and had amazing success.  In fact, at the end of the program I was the most proud of myself I have ever been....I felt amazing.  Unfortunately, I let things get in the way of making healthy diet choices, so here I am and ready to start again...soooo excited to get back on track.  Looking forward to a fab 12 weeks.... Team 9/5 is in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • One workout down....it felt AWESOME to be back in the gym (was off for a week and a half).  So excited to be eating my healthy lunch ....it's like your head clears when it's not filled with junky food.  Yeah!

  • I'm in!  I did my lower body work out this morning and my legs are killing me.  My husband took my before pictures yesterday ~ OMG ~ I didn't realize what I had done to myself in the past 3 years. I have ALOT of work to do.  I am reading Bill Phillips "Transformations" and I know that with reading Bill's book, taking a deep hard look at my self and with everyone's support ~ I will achieve my goal of being Happier~Healthier~Loving my self....again.  We all can do this ~ W1D1 is in the books.  TeriP

  • I'm in Vancouver, CA.  I decided to take labour day off and start today the 6th.  I did the challenge in 2007 and am hopeful that it will work for me again.   I slipped back into old patterns and am starting from scratch again.  This time I have a boyfriend joining me but hopefully having a partner in this will make it easier and more successful long term.

  • It's crazy how things can slip so quickly.  Kudos for being willing to jump back in the game... it's hard, but I am certain that if we all stick together we can make it happen.

  • I've been sticking with the program.  I've gotten really out of shape the past three years while I was a full time mom.

    It feels really great to move again.  

  • HEY EVERYONE!! I made a mistake in my posting and didnt know how to take it down! So excited to know you all are doing this program!! I am on TEAM AUGUST 29th CHALLENGERS if you are interested in seeing how we've done...doesnt mean I can't post with you guys too!!

    I am a single mom, go to school, work, perform, and doing this program...so, I understand how much commitment it takes:)

    Its been 2 weeks for me...I have felt less of an urge to cheat as well as have a free day as the weeks go on for 2 reasons...

    1. Your body gets used to eating healthy and you don't feel the need to cheat since you're training yourself for that free day  and

    2. Your body will refuse the fatty foods you eat because you will have to go to the BATHROOM! You start to feel sick from the foods you eat on free day right away!!

    I have lost 4 Ibs whic I could careless since body fat% matters more to me.. and more than 2 inches off my waist!

    My advice is to

    1. FOLLOW the BOOK exactly!! and dont give up

    2. Try to buy Eating for Life because it seriously helps with making your meals with variety!

    It has EVERYTHING you need and even shows pics of what Bill Phillips uses in his ingrediants along with pictures of people, sample weekly food plans, and before and after pic with much more!

    Hope you guys are off to a great start!

  • How is everybody doing this week???  I love love love going to the gym.... I feel so good when I am done (although I often hate it while I'm there).

  • Hello ~

    It's W2D3 for me.  

    So far I am monitoring what I eat and I do my best to do some form of exercise each day.  

    My leg has been giving me grief (again) so I am icing it at least twice a day and using my hand held massager to get at the IT band and abductor muscles.

    Make today a GREAT Day ~