Happy Thursday everyone!!!!

navygirl2--congrats on quitting smoking.  I used to smoke too.  I quit about 3 or 4 years ago.  Sometimes I'll have one if I drink, but that is very rare.  Wow 12lbs!  Way to go.  

So since I've been back from vacation, I've been doing everything by the book!  Yesterday I worked hard on my lower body and today I'm hitting the gym for cardio.  Since technically I had 2 off days this week, I'm going to skip a free day this weekend and just rock this program.  

I did learn a few things while I was away.  I tend to over eat.  This program is perfect for me because I never feel bloated or anything after a meal.  Eating smaller portions more frequently is the answer to my "before problem."  I also have a little more energy, which is surprising because I never thought I had low energy.  

Keep trucking guys!  We're almost done with week 2 and then there are only 10 more until we reveal to the world how hard work pays off!