Am I eating too much food for the goals I want to achieve???

  • Sorcha I have 3 days to go on BFL and I have been eating cheese this last 4 weeks or so, Swiss, Colby, whatever fits in with my daily fat, protein, carb and calorie macros. and for the challenge I am down > 20lbs, down 13% body fat..

    Don't schiz over a few bad things here and there because if you deny yourself something it may make you CHEAT in large (which lets face it is the reason why most of us were out of shape in the 1st place).

    Lift heavy. Less Calories In then OUT = good

    I went out walking through the city center, it happened just the other day. Sometimes Sydney Harbor in the winter, blows a little luck my way.

  • I should say 3 days to go on BFL C1... then I will have a few weeks off and go into the 8/8/11 group for a shorter C2...

    I went out walking through the city center, it happened just the other day. Sometimes Sydney Harbor in the winter, blows a little luck my way.

  • Diane, the book RECOMMENDS to do workouts before you eat, but not everyone is able to do this because of work or whatnot. I have no gym equipment at home to use, to do BFL properly. I have to go to the gym out here. I live in New Jersey where it is all highways, and I have no car. THE ONLY way I can get there is to take a free service senior's community bus which takes me right there, but it only runs from 9am - 3 pm Mon-Fri and 9am - 1pm on Saturdays. So my window of when I can workout is limited. If I wait until after I workout to eat, I will not have my first meal (shake) until 10:30 - 11:00am. So, I get up around 7:15 am and have breakfast at 7:30am, 2 hours before I workout at 9:30am. This is in the book, if you can't workout first thing in the morning, and I called a 1 800 in the original book at EAS (P. 91) and talked to their fitness experts there. Same thing, if you eat before a workout, just make sure it is about a 2 hour window before you do. A lot of people may not be able to get to a gym until after work or workout at home after work say, but so long as you give yourself that window, you can achieve great results. Additionally, my husband is a Certified Personal Trainer and has a lot of regular clients who love his techniques and get great results from him. So, I also seek advice from him too.  

    Just keep in mind, that not everyone is able to follow Bill's schedule to the letter. People have to work around schedules and families,etc. And there are other healthy food choices to use other than what is in the book. Also, call the 1 800 number in the book if you have any questions. They will give you more sound advice and better than what you will find here. Even though someone may have followed Bill's Book and achieved great results from 1 time or even 2 of doing the Challenge, that still doesn't make them an expert on this subject. Good Luck

  • Why don't you try calling EAS at the 1 800 number on P. 91 in the original book and talk to their fitness experts there like I have been doing when I have had any questions regarding the exercises or foods to eat before you go and judge me? Low-fat or FF cheddar IN MODERATION and Occassionally is OK to use, as long as you don't use too much or too frequently. IF and when I use it, it is maybe 2x per week, and only 1-2 ounces at most. EAS's fitness experts have told me there are other healthy foods you can eat which the book does not list, and the book lists only a limited selection.

  • By the way, I have also told them that I am doing the challenge, and they STILL told me that a bit of low-fat cheese on occassion is ok.

  • NATURAL PB is actually good for you in moderation. It is high in protein and the oils in peanuts are healthy for you. It is high in fat, but they are healthy fats. For people who like PB, natural is the healthy choice, not smooth, creamy or crunchy etc. These have added saturated fat, sugar, and sodium. Natural PB does have a little saturated fat, but it comes from the natural peanut oils, and is why it should be used moderately. If I use it, it is maybe 2x per week and only 1-2 TBSP's. As far as not eating before workouts, read my earlier post on Page 1. Not everyone's schedule is the same, and some people, like myself can only workout at certain times. So what, if someone can only workout after work, does this mean they should not eat breakfast, lunch, or any snacks all day?? You need to rethink that just because Bill recommends it in his book does not mean that it works for everyone. You SHOULD eat yes, 1st thing in the morning before any meal, OR 2 hours before a workout if you do have to eat, so that your body has had time to absorb the nutrients from the food and some time to BEGIN digesting it. Maybe you have time to workout 1st thing in the morning, but others do not. And I, for one cannot wait until 11am - 1130am to have my first meal of the day after I finish working out at either 10am or 1030am, because the only time I am able to workout is around 930am.

  • Congratz, dogsbrekky!  Thank you for your post.

  • Bill Philip's web site demonstrates a very different mind set than the starve yourself of everything one I'm seeing pop up through out this forum. The people doing his new transformations program look incredible and they have the Eating For Life recipes in their meal plans.

  • Thanks for you input in this matter. I had a similar discussion when we had the thread on a whole banana versus half a banana for a fruit for the day. (Bill never stated to halve the banana due to it's natural size nor did he advocate a plantain in it's place). It seems some folks like to read into things a bit too much.

  • You mean Waaay too much??