Starting for the 5th? Time

  • I first did this program 8 years ago and lasted about 8 weeks with tremendous success.  A couple times I tried again, only lasting a day or two, and then the 4th time I lasted about 6 weeks and saw great results, only to fall off again. This time I am committed and hoping you will help me! I am a marathon runner, triathlete, etc but need to lose the last 10lbs and body fat...


    I collect fat on my love handles, breast, back, and arms. 


    Starting stats:


    Weight: 140

    Waist: 29" 

    Hips: 37"

    Bust (Below Breasts): 32.5"


    Goal: 125 (although I am more concerned with body fat reduction

    Waist: 25"

    Hips: 32"

    I am running the marathon on October 9, 2011 and would love to feel confident enough to just wear a sports bra and shorts.  

  • Starting again is hard and I am stuck trying. Good luck


    Giving love to oneself one day at a time.