ALL ABOARD 8-22-11!!!

  • Hey all,

    I'm in for a January 2nd start, and ready to go!  I've back-slid a little, gained about half the weight back that I lost last year, but nothing that can't be fixed by getting my butt off the couch, my fingers out of the cookie jar, and back in the gym!

    These threads are such a great motivator; I'd vote for joining up with a group with a start-date of January 2nd since the numbers seem relatively small for who is left here.  Stephon was left carrying a much greater share of the posting last challenge (I am one of the guilty who quit posting when I fell off the wagon),   I think a larger start group makes sense.  Looking forward to reconnecting with all of you!


  • I am all for us joining whatever the existing thread is for starting Jan 2nd.  I will look at what's out there on the forum.  Let me know which one most of you are planning on joining.

    Blessings <><


  • Hi all,

    Here are my stats from the last challenge. Start date was 15-08-2011, End date was 06-11-2011. Actual end date was 13-11-2011 due to missing soo many wo's due to illness. So all in all not great but not bad either. Hung in there and got results. I will be starting back on the 2nd, currently on the warriors site this site is for everyone who has completed 1 challenge,great motivation and many friends from my first challenge and many new ones that I have met there. Support is great and everyone is at a different stage of challenge and several different wo's not just the BFL PLAN, I plan on using the TRX Plan with the Kristy Plan. All about stretching and balance so day to day activities can be accomplished, and using your own body for strength. Harder than it looks. BFL got me to this point but was getting stale needed a new type of challenge. I am so thankful for having found this site and all of you kind folks for helping me through the rough times and the good times in sharing our adventure. Tina welcome back as always look forward to reading your posts  again thak goodness you have picked yourself back up again. I'm sure you will be much happier once you get active again. Is your husband joining you?

    Start C 3                                End C 3

    Chest : 45"                           Chest : 44"

    Waist : 46 1/2"                     Waist : 43"

    Hips : 47"                             Hips : 44 1/2"

    Weight : 223                        Weight : 215

    Sorry didn't get a chance to take an after pic. Will take before and after for next Challenge and I hope everyone does the same it's good to put a picture with a name. All the computers have died just before Christmas, 2 desk tops they were pretty old and my daughter new lap top which my baby boy Gysmo knocked onto the floor and crashed the hard drive. That one was sent back to the manufacturer for repair and still waiting. BTW Gysmo is my 1.5 yr. old Maine Coon Cat and is currently on a diet. he weighs as of Oct 25, 17.4 lbs. As of Dec. 11, 16.4 down 1lb. go Gysmo. LOL. Will try and take a picture with all our furry friends and post it. I have been going to physio as I hurt my lower back 2 weeks before Christmas at the gym stepping off of one of the machines I was using for a warm up before Kettle Bell Class. Went to Class anyway and after could sure feel it. So lesson learned won't do that again I hope. I have gained some weight but that won't take long once I get going again. For Christmas bought Linda 144 sessions  with her trainer Kristy was not sure how that was going to go over. She accepted it with no backlash, also talked to physio therapist about her knee problem since Kristy can't figure it out. I think she just doesn't have enough experience yet with this type of injury yet by the time she gets done with Linda she will. LOL. Had a white Christmas and was out shoveling the white stuff a couple of times so far I'm sure this is just the beginning. Also the other day got rear ended at a stop sign as it turned out was a friend of ours looks like a new bumper is in order. So far Linda hurt her back in the collision and it seems like every newer car we get we get rear ended twice by people we know. This was caused by going too  fast and trying to stop on ice. I just took my foot off the brake and was trying to get moving forward when we got hit. Other than the sore back she seems ok hopefully it won't last too long. Bought a new computer for the kids my son was trying to save 2k for a gaming computer. This one has a hard drive with 4 tigabites so should be good for a while and we also got a 27" wide monitor.Steph thanks again for all your support as well as everyone else. Steph has your wife turned the corner yet and is your daughter going to try again with you on this challenge. For this challenge I  will be trying to comit more to the Thrive Diet ( Vegan Way). I know this goes against the North American Way of eating. I guess it's the rebel in me coming out. lol.  Let me know where you all end up and I will pop in from time to time.

    Have a safe and Happy New Year and a healthier one too Cheers to all!








  • Hey Claude,

    Glad to see you are still in the game!  Bummer about your car getting rear ended, what a hassle.  In answer to your question about is my husband joining me on this challenge........that would be a big "NO", I can't even talk him into going out to lunch with me. : (

    I'm excited to be back, heading out now to do my first workout.  What thread is everyone migrating over to?  We were at my father in laws without computer access the past couple of days, not sure if I missed it?

    Happy New Year to all of you, and here's to a successful challenge for all of us!  


  • Hey Tina,

    Glad you are back in the game with me. For this challenge I will be doing 4 days strength & 7 days cardio 2 of the days will be stretching. which I am finding out is more important as we age. Has your husband already got the winter blues from the lack of sunlight. Our winter has just started a little before Christmas. I will be taking it slow for the next little while until I feel my back is ok and strong enough toi handle running.

    Actually started yesterday did 14 min. Jacob's Ladder, 1,000 mtrs. 45 min. spin bike, 15.9 miles. Food was way off that should improve as I go. Will be going back to work on the 9th.

    Are you following the World Juniors Hockey games? Canada seems to be on pace for GOLD. I love watching all the teams you get to see the NHL prospects and the skill  level is great. I'm at the WARRIORS thread come and join us after all you are a warrior. Lots of motivation. There are some of us that started yesterday also.

    Hope your  first WO was good.. Another coffee and out to the gym.

    Will post stats and pic's this time on my profile.

    Day 2 have a great one.


  • So can someone please let me know what the current January 2012 thread is that's being used right now?  Thanks!

  • Hi, there are a lot of people on two threads: one of them Is under "crossing the abyss" entitled 50+ and determined ...

    the other one that seems very active is under "getting started" entitled The first monday of January ...

    the ... is there because I just copied them from what i get for subject lines in email.

    Both threads are great ... there are probably others as well. It's hard to choose which one you want to keep up with though. GREAT people all around ... and not enough time to keep current on all of 'em.

    Hope you find the folks you're looking for ... or that you find new friends soon.