ALL ABOARD 8-22-11!!!

  • Starting my personal C3 on Monday August 22nd.  Welcoming all participants whether your 1st time or you're an "old Pro"...LET'S GO!!

    Blessings <><


  • I'm on board for August 22nd!  Preparing and ready to shed lbs. and old attitudes....

    By the way 'Solidrocker', I really love the last line of your bio.  My real reason for doing BFL is that I want my physicality to embody the real joy in my heart so I can do His will unencumbered by physical addictions (-sugar-) or negative self attitudes.  Thanks for yelling it loud and clear on your bio....All Glory is His and we're lucky to have these bodies to be His Love here and now.

    I've only laid eyes on this website for a week or so now....I'm hoping it will be an extra support and way to be connected with others on this BFL journey.

    5 days to go....soooo looking forward to starting!

  • I'm planning my start Aug 22 too! This will be my second time. The first time I lost a lot of weight, toned up a bunch and felt so much better. Then I injured my back almost two years after taking off 114 pounds I haven't been the same since. It's difficult to exercise and I feel awful again since putting back on the majority of my weight. I have to do something to feel as best I can again. With the injury, it will be even more challenging but I know this works so I'm ready to do it again!

  • I was planning on starting 8/29.  I wanted to re-read the book and plan and buy the proper foods before starting the challenge.  But there is no better time than the present.  My boss will be out of town for 2 weeks starting 8/22 and i will have more free time to get myself organized and fall into a schedule that will work with work and by 6 year olds very busy life.  I have done BFL before- probably 10 years ago now and I saw awesoem results.. I was strong and confident.  Well, like all of us, life got in the way.. Having my baby girl, a busy work schedule and then dealing with some autoimmune issues have slowed me down and given me lots of excuses not to eat right and excercise. My daughter is super active and is always on the go.. Sadly I find myself trying to slow her down rather than speeding me up.  That is going to change!  My whole family needs to get up and move more and mostly eat better!  Anyway, i am with you all for an August 22 start!  I'm ready!

  • BTW, your pictures are great!  I ahve told my husband that this is going to be a journey for me.. Fabulous by 50 for me.  I have 2 years, but need to lose probably at least 60+ pounds  Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I am in!!!  I started on July 11,  lost 9 pounds and lost my Mojo.  Had a birthday and lost it and decided to start over.  Looking forward to Monday!

  • Steph! Long time no post or see! Looks as if you are truly a dedicated BFLer! Good for you.

    I am up for C3 with you. At least I haven't given up completely. New life committment...I will finish this 12 weeks with you. Totally in it for the long haul.

    THank you for supporting this thread.


  • I'm in as well, glad to see both old friends and new faces on this thread!  This will be C3 for me, I did two challenges this year (with a couple weeks of active rest in between), and took my body fat from 29.1 % to 19.1 %, even though my scale weight only dropped about 14 lbs. LOVED the muscle I gained!  

    I did not do BFL over the summer - I hurt my neck quite badly at the end of C2 wakeboarding, and was unable to exercise for several weeks, and am just getting back into running the past week here.    We also spend most weekends at our cabin in the summer hosting groups of family and friends, and the eating kind of falls by the wayside!  I made the conscious decision to just "maintain" over the summer, enjoy the cabin life, and get back at it in the fall.   I gained about 5 pounds during this time, my goal for C3 is to get down to 120-125 (I'm currently at 135 I think), and get my body fat down to 18%.

    Will take new pix and measurements after this weekend, one last group to host at the cabin, plus friends from Spain visiting Monday...........taking Monday as my free day for food, but will get a great workout in!  Hey, nothing like starting off a challenge with a bang!

    To those of you new to the thread, we had a great time last challenge getting to know each other - if you are comfortable posting it, it's great to have a general idea about those on the thread (male? female? first name?). 

    These challenges are great, and I'm really looking forward to this journey again, feel free to kick my butt when needed and I"ll do the same for you.  (Just not about starting Day 1 with a free day - these are friends we see once every couple years, I"m going to enjoy steaks and a glass of wine with them!)

    Tina (aka MN MOM)


  • Hi all... In preparing for the 8/22 start, I went up to Borders and bought the book Eating for Life- all the recipes look wonderful!  I downloaded an app (Droid) on my phone that seems pretty good called myfitnesspal.  What I like about it is that you can enter your food and excercise on your phone or the computer and it syncs it.  I haven't entered anything custom yet, so I don't know how that is going to work out for me yet.  I need to really watch my calories too and at least be very aware of the calories I am putting in my body to start anyway.  I have alot of weight to lose and want to do this first challenge being very concious of what I am putting in my body. entering everything in on my phone really helps to make me accountable.  I work out fo my house and it is so easy to snack all day long.

    Anyway, does BFL have a smart phone app? I have not seen one or does anyone have an app that they are using and like?  myfitnesspal is free.. I like free!  

    I haven't filled out too much of my profile yet, but in a nutshell, I am a 47 yr old female that grew up in Minnesota, went to college and lived in Arizona and now live in Pennsylvania. I am a food service equipment designer by day and a wife and mom all the time of course.   I am on Facebook and twitter and love the social media. I am trying to figure out google+ now too when I should be working.  

    I am excited for Monday and all the new friends I will make in the process of getting healthy here on the boards and at the YMCA where I will be working out.  

  • I'm ready to start also....on the 21st. You bet...let's go!!


  • I'm in! Excited to share the journey with all of you, this being my 1st Challenge. While I've been fit most of my life, the last several years have added some weight creep. Time to get it right! Have to regain energy to take on life's challenges and opportunities.

    I'm going to use three sources during this journey: this forum; the website; and Run Less, Run Faster book by Runner's World to reach my goal of 24 lb weight loss.

    See you on the 22nd! :-)



    It's really encouraging that we have several new faces (Pickle, EAWRROX, Ethelee, Kimmysu727, fushiagirl & MinnieMom) and returning friends (Jaimee, MNMom)!  Since I know Jaimee and MNMom:  I can tell the rest of you that we have become fast friends over two challenges this year, and you are all in for a treat with the support and input from the two of them!  We look forward to making the new friendships along this journey! is a website that I strongly recommend!  Search the site for "the last diet you will ever need" for some very useful information on diet and weight loss.  He also has lots of exercise information for added variety and getting the most results in minimum time!  He also has a great podcast in iTunes called "Get Fit Guy" with 5 to 8 minute tips that are pure gold.  Check it out!

    Pickle - Thank You for the kind words.  I try to use EVERY opportunity to magnify Jesus Christ, and point others to Him.  For those of you who have been "down" for so long because you hate what you see in the mirror; we are going to take a wonderful journey and completely change how you perceive yourself!  Write out this Bible verse on a card and stick it somewhere you will see it everyday: "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life." (Proverbs 13:12).  You have had your hope of fitness deferred for a long time, seemingly out of reach.  It is your desire to lose those pounds and feel good about yourself again!  That will be a desire fulfilled, and to reach that goal will be a "tree of life" totally energizing and invigorating you!  WISDOM!

    EAWRROX - Sounds like you've had a tough journey for some time.  This is your time to get that change!  Welcome to our group.

    Ethelee - We're about the same age.  I'm with you; I just wanted to hit "50" and be able to say that I was in better fitness shape than at any other time in my life.  I've tried "Myfitnesspal" app and actually prefer "CalorieCounter" by  It does everything you describe but is easier to use on the fly with my phone and has a good library of every brand you can think of, and if it's not there already:  You can "add new food" to the database.  60+ lbs is totally do-able.  I've lost 50 lbs in 6 months.  This challenge for me is to pack on muscle and actually "gain" weight (the right kind) so my family will stop telling me I'm "too skinny" (not a bad problem to have).  Eating for Life book is good - I have it too.  Welcome aboard.

    Kimmysu727 - Hey, it's okay that you started earlier and got some experience but lost "mojo".  We've all been there, and I can tell you that this forum helps keep you going when you don't have the "mojo".  Somebody will ALWAYS be having success, and their post will bring you "back up" and get you off your butt.  And we ALL need that more than once over the 12 weeks.  Looking forward to hearing more.

    Jaimee - Welcome back girl!  Your story will definitely be a motivation for our newcomers!  Get to know this lady...she's a superstar!

    MNMom - My running motivation buddy!!!!  Although, I hate to disappoint you, but my priorities have shifted dramatically:  I'm trying to pack on muscle fast this 12 weeks, and have learned that cardio works against this.  I will be doing the bare minimum cardio so that most of my calories go toward building new muscle instead of getting burned off (never thought I'd be saying that).  Praying for your neck this summer.  Good to have you back on a forum.  And really?...FREE DAY on your first day?  LOLOL.  Ladies:  another awesome, supportive member you MUST get to know!

    Fushiagirl - Welcome aboard!  Look forward to getting to know you.

    MinnieMom - Haha...your name is so close to MNMom that I'd be confused if I didn't already know MNMom very well!  You use CalorieCount as well, that's a great app.  Your first challenge, huh?  You are in for a wonderful experience.  Welcome.

    Well, I think I've written quite enough for today.  I was just excited about the enthusiastic response to the post already, and wanted to reply to everyone to this point.  Let's get ready for 110% effort!



    Blessings <><


  • Hello everybody.  I am kind of new to this "forum" thing - so please bear with me.  I hope I can figure it out after posting.  I did the Body for Life Challenge a few years ago and I lost 30 pounds.  I did not use this website or the forums though, just the books (Body for Life and Eating for Life).

    I recently had my first baby and I have A LOT of weight to lose.  I am hoping to have the same success this time around - however I am finding it a little harder to get back into the swing of things.  I know this works it is just a matter of doing it!!!!

    I read your posts and thought that all of you sound very encouraging and committed so I would love to follow along with you!

    Heather - "hr2011"

  • I plan to start on Monday, August 22 too!

  • Rock out "hr2011"!  30 lbs. is awesome!  Did you do anything different besides the exact BFL protocol?  

    We're all with you- glad you're on board!

    Glad everyone is on board.  

    I got my body fat tested today and have my beginning measurements...I'll post them later today and my beginning pics on Sunday.

    Today I've been looking at the beginning of "The Book" and pondering on my dreams, goals, etc.  I'm having a hard time coming up with 5 specific goals besides the exact amount of weight I'd like to lose.  

    What are some of yours for this time or even past challenges?  I don't have any idea of specific amount of inches I'd like to lose or lbs. of muscle I'd like to gain.  Any specific goal ideas for me or do you want to share yours?