August 15th Starters!!!

  • Hi all!  Congratulations to those of you that finished - I so wish I could have finished with you!

    I have been taking it VERY easy and letting this knee heal.  I get a twinge every once in a while but I think I might be in good enough shape to begin again, thinking Sunday.  Been eating well, still 4 or 5 times a day, not gained a pound (not that i lost many pounds, just sizes), and feel good for it.

    So even though I only made it what, 6 or 7 weeks before I injured myself, I definitely lost a good bit of my stomach fat, and am fitting in the clothing I like SO much better.  

  • ok Lucky! I'm game!  let's do it!

    Every day is a struggle. Make today's count!

  • witchymama, I"m over at the November 14 starters for my round 2 of BFL.  You in?  How about any others starting again November 14?

  • I'll start again on November 14th, but I'm really starting on the 15th. I made it 8 weeks, not 12. But, second time is the charm, right? I did go down two sizes, so that's a plus.

  • Hi All,

    Ran for an hour today. PB for me never tried that before. Ran at the following speeds, keep in mind I'm not a runner. 0-15 min,@5.2,15-30,@5.4,30-45,@5.6,45-60,@5.8 = 5.48 miles, walked 60-75@3.5 = 6.38 miles. At least it's a starting point for me oh ya almost forgot 1% incline not my usual 5%. UBWO tomorrow and last cardio on Mon. Will do active rest for the rest of the week and start TRX Training on the following Monday the 28th for my next 12 week cycle.Yes my new toy arrived.I know I've lost some inches we will see how many after Monday's final w o can't wait. Still a lot of work to do in the eating department will be working on that over the next challenge. I have one more session with Linda's trainer. I will keep it as backup if Linda has to miss again hopefully not. She is starting at square one again and I feel she is getting discouraged with whole process. If she would only give up her cola habit. Well you can't talk to a pickle right.

    Have a great weekend and free day everyone.