August 15th Starters!!!

  • Several of you told me that you were also starting on August 15th, so I thought I would start a group!  I hope this can be a place where we can chat, share, support, and encourage! 

    I'm getting excited!

  • Good afternoon.  I will be starting Monday also.  I'm excited but nervous. I appreciate you starting this board, I think it will be helpful.  

    I look forward to talking with everyone.

  • I am going to be starting on Monday as well. =)

  • I started today with the aerobic solution. I need Saturdays to be my free day! I have done the challenge years ago and only got to week 9 and LIFE got in the way! With my dad passing and getting hit by a car I was completely derailed from a healthy fit lifestyle for the better part of 10 years. My daughter is getting married July 7 2012 and I am determined that I will not ruin her day by being depressed about how I look!!!Here we go!

  • I also plan to start tomorrow!  I have done this challenge before and have had great results.  I felt so strong and in shape.  I am tired of feeling tired and fatigued.  My hopes is that this message board will help me stay strong.  Good luck to all!!!

  • i am starting also tomorrow...i have the old book, Body for Life..Is that the one everyone is using now?

  • OK ..I am starting tomorrow too.  Had great results before but never finished.   Just lost 27 pounds with a local challenge but still have a ways to go.  Off to take the dreaded pictures!


    I am in control!

    Nothing tastes as good as being skinnier feels!

  • I'm in too.!!!!! I have the book (copyright 1999) and the success journal (copyright 2002)  This is the most organized I have ever been in my life. ( thanks Bill Phillips) I am mainly trying to build muscle and get healthy. I look forward to sharing in everyone's success!!

  • Hi there.... I am also starting tomorrow.....Good luck everyone...

  • Hey Everyone,

    I'm starting tomorrow as well and am so excited to be a part of this group.  Like many of you, I have also completed several challenges and had incredible success, but I let life kick the crap out of me and the healthy habits I developed during my challenges fell by the wayside and now I find myself 30lbs heavier and absolutely in disbelief that I have let myself go again.  I will be here to support and encourage all of you along the way.......Also,  I'm new to the forum, is there a way we can post our before pics on this thread so we can all see where we are all starting from and put faces with the names?

  • I am also starting tomorrow! I am so excited and ready for change but I am very nervous! The things I am most nervous for are sticking with it and sticking with the meal plans!! Best of luck to everyone! I am excited an now we all can do it!

  • I need to get my book out to remind myself of what exactly it is that I'm doing tomorrow!  

    I have to admit that I got a bit discouraged reading some other threads.  I read several saying they finished the challenge, but didn't have great results.  I didn't want to hear that.  I need to stay positive and focus on what I need to do.  

    I'm so glad there are many of you starting tomorrow.

  • my wife and I are also starting tomorrow. I did the challenge 12 years ago with great success. Does anyone have the challenge kit PDF.. I can't get it to download. Not the entry kit.. the challenge kit.. Good luck everyone.  steve...

  • Me and a few of the gals at work are starting tomorrow also!  I would like to be part of your group :)

  • OK folks - time to rock and roll!  Gotta find a bathing suit to take a picture in - ewww.  Headed to the basement shortly to workout.  Let's keep each other posted.  Motivation and support! yay!


    I am in control!

    Nothing tastes as good as being skinnier feels!