Week 8 and questions

  • Hi everyone. I'm almost through week 8 and so have started to focus on the end of my challenge and have some questions I hope someone here can answer.

    (1) What do you do on day 84? Is that a free day? Do you end the challenge on day 83 then?

    (2) The changes that people say happen in the last few weeks when your hard work starts to pay off...what form does that usually take? what kind of changes should I look for if I have followed the program by the book from day 1? Is it body fat, appearance, size? what? I feel like I've been getting slow but steady results all along so maybe this doesn't apply to me?

    (3) I started this challenge with a goal to reduce my body fat from obese to normal or at least overweight. I have lost 10 lbs so far and gone from a size 10/12 to a size 6/8 but the body fat on my omron hand held monitor has only gone down 1%. I know now that those things are not very reliable but since I started with that and didn't do the caliper measurements, I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions of what I can do to try to measure for that goal. 



  • That is amazing that you have lost 2 sizes!! I think I would go by that instead of focusing on the hand held because those are not always accurate.  Way to go!  You are really doing great!

  • Thanks Twinmom.

    Regarding question #1 above, I meant what do you do on day 83 if it is your free day? Did others skip the free day and workout or did you just end the day before?

  • It depends.  Are you taking your pictures that day?  If so, then have your free day after the pictures.  If the next day then you'd be smart to skip the free day until you do your pictures.  

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