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  • the librarian,

    I was almost there myself.  I understand, and I apologize for gearing off the discussion.  Yes, PCOS is not fun, and like you, I bought milk thistle and my liver function went back to normal.  I only said this because many of my friends have suffered from PCOS as well, and I almost got the disease.  You are doing great, and I commend you.  This is wonderful news.  

    I helped my liver by milk thistle and cleansing, and now my liver is function at 100% they say.  I was fortune to catch it while young.   As someone who knows the complications, my hats off to you!  Cheers!

  • Again, I'm saying how they want to handle the situation.  As you can see from her post, a lot of what I said coincides with what I first stated about her liver.  I went through this.  I could tell from what her ailments and from what she was, that she is insulin resistant, and we have that in common.  Nothing more...

  • She expressly stated she was insulin resistant.  That was clear from post 1.

    The liver is an interesting organ.  Most Americans likely have high toxin levels in theirs.  It's important that we don't ask too much of it, even though it does regenerate.  I take milk thistle and believe it's a good supplement for most people.

    It's also important to know that for some, a liver detox is dangerous, at least to do it how it's typically done.  Natural medicine is great.  It's just that it can go too far when people aren't advised properly.  I took Paxil for a long time.  I needed to consider that when I worked to better my liver and adrenal glands.  A liver detox can re-release the toxins back into your system.

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  • What I meant was she was insulin resistant, so she might have PCOS.  It's very common with PCOS, and I kinda of assumed that with her being female.  

    Again, I addressed this to her, and she has her doctors care, as do I.  I can only lend her my personal experience, but like I said anything I have quoted is backed up by my doctors.   Plus, tell her how I beat the disease myself.

    I guessed she had PCOS without her telling me. I don't like debating, for the sake of debating semantics.  

  • It's not a matter of debating or semantics.  I don't know why you would go to debating.  This is a forum where others exchange information.

    To give advice that is potentially dangerous is irresponsible if said advice does not come with the proper disclaimers.  Yours did not.  Either you did not know all the information, which is likely the case or you are not careful with your information.  

    You should be thankful others have supplemental information instead of always coming back claiming you have experts on your side and supporting an approach that fails to consider all possible factors.  

    None of us know everything and because your ego gets bruised when you do not, you attack instead of taking in something you didn't know and can now add to your arsenal of knowledge.

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • You're good at picking fights, and you like to be "right".  It's unbecoming.  

    If you had PCOS, then give her your advice, but don't start to pick at what I did to conquer it just because your research shows something contrary.  I told her what worked for me, and she can take it or leave it.  I worked very hard to not get sick, and I don't need to validate the things I say to another poster.

    Do like normal posters, agree or disagree, just don't keep beating a dead horse.

  • Enough.  

    I wasn't picking a fight.  I was supplementing information.  I'm sorry that you aren't able to handle someone knowing something you do not.  That's on you and not me.  You are making unfounded accusations.  

    I do have PCOS.  I'm not sure why you think you're the only one to experience something.  My experience is that it isn't a big deal at all and it's completely manageable.

    I didn't research to go against you.  You think way too much of yourself to think so.  I knew something about liver detox that is well known and documented.  You failed to provide good information.  

    You don't need to validate to me.  You do need to be responsible with what you say.  You do need to be concerned your advice can seriously harm someone.  

    The dead horse is being beaten by you.  Stop with the projection.  

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  • Ignoring Jessica...


    Good luck with your journey.  I want to see other beat PCOS like I did.

    Hope your challenge goes well too.  

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    Ignoring Jessica..

    Yeah... because that would be an example of "ignoring".

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!