NEWBIES! Introduce Yourself Here so we don't miss you!

  • Hi! I'm Nikki. I am 21 years old and I will be 22 in July (YAY)! I bought the different body for life book called Body For Life for Women. It's a little different than the original from what I've heard. I've been registered here for a few days now, and I'm already loving this community of people. Everyone on here is so supportive and nice and very informative.

    I've attempted this challenge before, but I had to quit because school was getting down to the nitty gritty and I got too overwhelmed and gave up. Now, I've decided to give it another try. I'm almost done with my first week. I've been doing things a little differently than I should have been, but when I go and complete my lower body workout in a few minutes, I'm really going to do it the right way!

    I consider myself to be mostly and active person, especially in the spring and summer since the temperatures are warmer. I'm a huge animal lover, I have a lot of animals. My major is Nursing. I have the best fiance' in the WORLD. He and I are having some personal issues at the moment...but it's getting better as time goes by...we always seem to work through things even when it seems like nothing will ever get better. It always does. I'm a very thankfull person, however, I have extreme troubles with showing emotions. I'm hard headed (and it sucks). I have a hard time apologizing unless I know it is extremely needed. I also hate admitting when I'm wrong. I'm trying to be a better person with all of my flaws I've listed...and I'm hoping this program will help me out with that. If anyone has any tips on how I can become a better person by showing my emotions more (instead of letting them build up), not being so damn stubborn and saying I'm sorry more, and admiting when I'm wrong I will greatly appreciate it. is nice to be here, and I'm excited to make new friends!


  • Hi, I'm Jamie (Jimbob). I've posted my intro in "Not My First Rodeo" but thought I would post here too since I'm a Newbie too. So Hi to everyone and look forward to meeting you.


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