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  • Thanks for the feedback Renee and DebMo, you have both been very helpful.  I am currently having the RTD Lite shake as soon as i get in the car and head home from my workout at 5:30 in the morning and then i have a bar in the afternoon (it tastes like a candy bar so life is good :) ) and the other 4M i just do regular food, this has worked really well for me up until Tue and my first CC shake - then the wholeeeeeeeeeee story changed.   

    Do you want to hear something crazy though - on the days that i drank the Carb Control shake and was so tired i couldn't think of anything outside of eating unclean, especially sweetly unclean, every sweet in the house was screaming my name LOL - all my other days i have had no trouble with thoughts of sweets in the evening and have been satisfied with just hauling my water bottle around after my last meal. . . . .  Not sure there is anything scientific to it it was just odd.

    Have a great day and weekend ladies.

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  • Cory, I guess all the other posts disappreared.   Did you add a carb when you drank the carb control shake?  I know some people haven't not realizing it wasn't enough carbs for BFL by a long shot.  I am sure that is probably what DebMO and Renee told you.  

  • Are you sure your RTD has 20 grams of carbs? Some of those RTD's don't have enuf and that could be why you are craving so many sweets. Be sure to check.

  • hi everyone. I am a 38 yr old stay home mother of 3 beautiful, healthy children. Billy 6, Cambria 4 and Calli almost 2. I did BFL about 3 years ago, I started to see some results and then I became pregnant with my youngest, which stopped everything (preganacy doesn't agree with me). We just moved recently from MI to PA back in June of 09. I joined the gym and have been working out stong since then, working out 5 days aweek, doing 1 hour a week of bodycombat(which I really like), 1 hour a wk of bodyattack ,2 hours of week of bodypump an then saturdays 2 hours of zumba and step.  I also did have a trainer on day a week for ablut 3 months( which was great) I will do that again for sure.  Anyway.. I was getting stronger met my first goal of doing 15 man pushups (wasn't able to do 1 before) I am up to 20. But still wasn't seeign the results I really wanted. this is what led me to come back to BFL, I know it works. So I just started my 2nd week of the challegne(unofficially ) I missed the deadline, but that is okay I am still holding myself accountable. I am staying strong. The first week was alot easier than I thought  it would be. I knew I would do well with the working out. I perfer doing only 20 mins of cardio, over an hour. but it is tough. but to my surprise I am doing the eating part very well. I even resisted 2 days of some temptation, one of them being really stress and just wanted to eat sweets. I have a sweet tooth.  I love my diet soda. I use to have 32-64oz a day an dno water. I have cut this down to 12-16oz a day if that. somtimes I will order a diet and not drink all of it. I have definitly increased my water. I don't like plan water, I do use the flavor water. which has no sodium,sugar. or I will flavor it myself with hawaiian punch lemonberry sugar free little packets, the packets are meant for 16oz, bottles I usually put it in a 20 oz or more and them drink 1/2 of it, then refill that jug then drink all of that.  I started off a 133.6 lbs 33%, I am looking forward to see what changes I will make. as of Sunday I was 128.4 ( I have to say I will get down t 129lbs for a day , before but would never stary. I actually stayed a 128.4 for three days, that alane is success to me. Of course I am up alittle today because I had my free day. which is all good, I expected this to happen and I will probably be right back down tomorrow if not close.

    I enjoy reading everyone post, it will keep be motivated in the weeks to come. I am hoping I am one of those 8 week mircles. Good luck everyone and God bless

  • Hi all!  A couple fo weeks ago I found a BFL website listing about a million recipies, submitted by BFL participants.  It was kind of hard to navigate, but had allot fo great recipies.  Each recipe had a red bar at the top and little clocks next to it, and some of them were even indicated as authorized BFL recipies...Does anyone know how I get back to this site?  Anyone else seen it?


  • Does anyone know how to create a NEW posting?  I can only figure out how to reply to others...


  • Hi Clarissa! Go to the main forum page and at the top are the different rooms, click on one of those wherever your post fits, then over to the right I believe is a button, that says new post or something similar!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Hi.  I live in L.A. 36 y/o.  Yehaw!

  • Hi Stehpanie-AL & Confidence - no i just "assumed" that all the RTD shakes were created equal but they are not - i learned that i should utilize the support line for questions about what i am consuming and how it counts, and am slowly gaining information like the 20g of Carbs and 20g of protein rule.  Thanks for the info though, sure appreciate everything i can get.

    Clarissa, if you find the link for those recipes again please post it i am DEFINIETLY interested.

    MakingtheChange - WELCOME :D

    Gary1 - HI :)

    I wonder if we shouldn't all be on the 1 Thread that was started in another area of the forum - sorry can't remember what it is called - it looks like everyone is meeting there and can all be found in one spot.

    Have a stupendous day everyone!!!

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  • Hello everyone, my name is Michael. I am currently 20 years old and am an athlete. I was wondering if body-for-life would be a good challenge for me to try? what do you all think?

  • Scroll all the way down to the bottom

  • Hello! I just started the program 3 days ago.  A friend and I decided to do this together. After seeing the results on the site...i was motivated! Next year i turn 40 and one of my goals is to wear a bikini..something I have NEVER done. I also want to run a half marathon and a full marathon on my bday! I have questions about the diet and how you figure out the weight workout. Can anyone help?

  • Hello 4ever21 - Congrats on starting and committing yourself and a friend.  If you go to the transformations section and look up a Post "I did it!!!"  Rachel just finished and she is about to run a 5K race.  I'm sure she would be happy to answer any questions on the running part.

    If you have questions about the diet or workout, just create a new post in the "Kitchen" section and the Gym section and people would be happy to answers your questions for you.

    Hope this helps!

  • Hey I am Christy and am on my 3rd week...anyone else on there 3rd week?

  • I'm Rick and in the middle of my third week too.  I'm 55 with 25% body fat, so I'm really trying to do the best I can to loose weight and build muscle at the same time.  I'm not sure if I can tell if either are happening. I have lost almost 40 lbs in the last 6 months so maybe it's just getting harder to loose it.  

    How are you doing Christy?