Getting Started 8-8-11

  • After two years of heavy dieting and exercise I have lost 88 lbs and I still have 50 lbs of weight to lose. In 2009 I tipped the scales at 268 (or perhaps 270 but I don't want to even go there) and decided I needed a change. Since then, I changed my life drastically, quit my high-stress job and went back to school. However, almost a month after my 28th birthday I have finally had enough with the hours at the gym and constant diet with a weight loss of only 1 pound or less a week. This week I barely made it to 180 after four weeks of hovering around 182 and spending 1-3 hours at the gym per day, 6 days a week.

     My past:

    My high school weight was 150 after losing 60 lbs through a year of intense diet (eating disorder intense) and exercise, but I wore almost the same jean size I am wearing right now (size 11-12). I'm thinking the first time I lost weight I did it the wrong way, destroyed my muscles and metabolism and set myself on a path of weight gain which I haven't really been able to escape from. But that is all in the past and now I'm going to do it the right way!

    What I have been doing now:

    For the past month the typical workout is me running ~8 mph 3 miles within 24-25 minutes, and sometimes I do this three times a day. I also have been incorporating weight lifting and pilates within the last two weeks which is why I think I finally lost two pounds. But all in all I am frustrated with the amount of time I put in (almost 3 hours a day!) and the lack or results I get out. I still have a high percentage of body fat (32% according to my scale) and I try to follow every one's advice at losing weight. Problem is they are often contradictory and I end up running in circles (literally). I've been trying to eat 3 healthy meals and have protein shakes twice a day. But of course, following so many different diet plans I don't know which way is up anymore.

    My goals:

    I'm a medium-sized 5'8, 28 year old woman hoping to slim down for life. I would like to cut my body fat in half which means I should lose about 28.8 pounds. For the purpose of this 12 week program I hope to cut my fat by 24 lbs for a healthy 2 lb a week loss. This is a total goal weight of 156 which is 6 lbs over my lowest body weight (post-puberty).

    Body-For-Life Challenge:

    So when I read about this challenge and found out that I could put LESS time in the gym and get BETTER results I thought to myself that this was the plan I was looking for. I am fueled up and ready to fly, but all I need are the right instructions for lift off...


    Week One:

    Thanks everyone for commenting, for some reason my computer won't let me respond to posts but I will try to fix that as soon as possible. I hope you all are doing well on your challenge. I'm sleeping a lot and am trying my best to stick to the diet but I am craving chocolate pretty bad, lol. I weighed myself on Monday morning and I had gained 3 pounds over the weekend for a total of 183.6 as my starting weight. Considering it took almost two months to take 3 lbs off I felt a bit upset. But now I am looking to the future and exercising and eating right. I hope I will be able to reach my goals in this 12 week program. Any one else having a challenge on the diet program? I think I need to buy chocolate protien shakes or protien bars because I can't live without chocolate this week... lol.

  • Hi K.  This challenge is awesome.  Less time and more strength results -- it's amazing.  I started August 1 and am excited to keep going.  I tried this program about 8 years ago and only stuck with it 3 weeks -- I did see results and knew it was always there for me when I was "serious".  Well, I'm 44, have 2 kids now, and my pants don't fit -- ready to be serious!  Excited for you & me -- you can do it!

  • Hi K -

    This challenge and lifestyle change will work for you!  It sounds like you are comfortable in the gym already so that shouldn't be a problem.  Eating according to the plan is really just a matter of planning.  I plan all my meals on Sunday for the work week - it is the most hectic time for me and I find that if I always have the food I need - I won't cheat and eat something unhealthy.  My only word of caution is this - the scale will not show you results right away.  You will be builiding muscle - which is necessary to burn the fat.  Do not expect much if any loss in the beginning and I would even say don't weigh yourself until week 4.  Commit to making it happen and it will.  Take pictures of yourself and measurements to track progress.  I wish you all the best in your journey.  Stay active on the boards - there is  tremendous support here and lots of BFL people who have been doing this a long time and can help with questions you may have.  Can't wait to see your transformation!

  • hello, k!

    looks like we're going to be teammates... as i, too, am starting 08/08.  can't wait to see our transformations in 12 weeks!!!!

  • I plan on starting 8/8 as well.  It's going to be a tought week but I don't want to wait another week.  I did the challenge a few years ago, so I already know it works!  I'm excited!

  • We have a groupf of around 12 people starting on Monday. Many have completed several challenges. We will be on the BFL Warriors thread so feel free to join us. There are alot of really knowledgable and supportive people that would love to have anyone join us. Good luck.

  • I will be joining all of you tomorrow in beginning the challenge. I completed the challenge last year and stuck with it for all 12 weeks and followed it to the letter. I lost over 30 pounds of scale weight, added a substantial amount of muscle and lost about 25% of the body fat I was carrying. It was amazing. Unfortunatley I allowed myself to slip after the challenge and, nearly a year after, have gained around 2/3 of the weight I lost. I am re-committing myself to this next effort. Let's get it done folks!

  • Hello ~

    I've tried the 12 week challenge back in May but all of the "team mates" that were in my challenge fizzled out and without the support ~ I too gave up.

    I'm looking for a motiviational group that will keep me inspired and on track of my daily, weekly, monthly & life fitness/health goals.

    Will you help me?

    I have an issue with my left leg at the moment (since January 2011).  I've been to chiro's, orthopedic specialist and beginning on Tuesday, an acupuncturist.  I've been diagnosed with bursitus; arthritis in my hip joint; tendonitis in my IT band and now it "could be" muscular or a pinched nerve.  

    Doing cardio is quite painful, so I am willing to try other options for my cardio days.

    I'm looking forward to being part of this team ~ :)


  • I am so psyched about starting the BFL challenge tomorrow (mon. 8.8.11).  I really need this in my life right now and feel laser sharp ready to focus for 12 weeks which is a pretty short time for such a noticeable transformation.  

  • Sticking to using the forum boards is a HUGE success in the program. I look forward to everyone's posts and it is really hard to give up when talking with others on here. Everyone is so inspiring and motivating. I am from the 8-1-11 group and it has helped a ton.

  • I'm starting tomorrow as well. I've done BFL in the past, but have gained the weight back. :( I've tried a bunch of different things to try and lose the weight again, but nothing is working. I've decided to come back to BFL because it worked!! Can't wait to get started and to get to know all of you.

  • awesome! im glad to see theres ppl starting on 08.08 as well! coming back to do my c2!

  • I just started this morning as well.  Glad to be a part of the crew.  


  • Good Morning ~


    I'm ready to begin my life transformation!

    Oatmeal and a Protein shake for Breakfast

    Going to the Gym after work

    Best of Luck to Each of YOU!


  • Hi Teri,

    I'm starting another BFL challenge today and I know this works when you work it!  I'm just returning after 2 weeks off of exercise because of back, it band and hip issues also.  I had a pinched nerve 20 years ago and had back surgery.  The pinched nerve was due to a bulging disc that was pressing on my sciatic nerve.  Very painful!  2 weeks ago I had that excrutiating pain again!  I am a personal trainer and fitness instructor and took 2 weeks off to heal.  Today will be my first day back at the gym and I'm excited but nervous.  I will be teaching a 50 min. spin class and 45 min. weight training class.  I will have to take it easy in spin and light on the weights.  I pray that the pain doesn't come back.  If it does, most likely it's another herniated disc.  If you go to YouTube and type in Egoscue you will find a bunch of exercise videos for low back pain. It almost sounds like you have a bulging disc on the left side of your spinal cord. Do some of the exercises for low back pain (even if you don't feel low back pain).  These exercises decompress the spinal cord and will help "push" the disc back into place.  You'll also find stretches for the it band.  I have a large swim noodle that I cut in 1/2 and I roll on sideways for both legs to stretch the it band.  That'll be on youtube as well.  As far as cardio, do you have access to a pool?  Just getting in the deep end and treading water is quite a workout and it'll be good for the spinal cord decompression.  When you are doing your LBW I would'nt use any weight for squats or lunges until that back feels better.  Good luck and let's keep in touch!

    Stefanie : )