Chicken, Fish, Cottage Cheese, and Eggs

  • Yes it is time to get to know the staples of the 12 week challenge.  For my challenge these are essentially all I ate for my proteins(aside from some supplements).  They are lean and carry some of the best proteins as well.


    Boneless, skinless, chicken ***:    What to do with this, boring piece of meat?????  Spice it up, fry it in a pan, bbq it, bake it, cut it into strips and have a wrap!

    One of my favourite chicken meals during the challenge were: 

     Add Paprika, chili powder, and a 1/2 tsp of hot paste and fried it in a pan..  Warning:  Very spicy.


    Fish:  Fish is fish.  You can bake it. fry it, mix it with veggies and rice but never ever overcook it.  Tilapia was my filet of choice and Tuna my sandwich of choice.

    The only way I ate them was this way;

    1. Tilapia fried in a pan of lemon juice with garlic salt added.

    2. I mixed one can of tuna with 1 tbsp lt mayo.  Spread 3/4 of that mix on two slices of whole grain oatmeal bread with baby spinach leaves, tomato and black pepper.


    Cottage Cheese:  The daunting task of eating cottage cheese. This became an acquired taste for me.  There are several ways to eat it I suppose but I only did it one way because I enjoyed it:

    3/4 cup cottage no fat cottage cheese mixed with one no fat fruit yogurt combined with a 1/2 banana sliced.  That turned out to actually be a tread if you can imagine.


    Eggs:  Eggs, eggs, eggs and more eggs.  Talk about a mainstay of this EFL.  Not only do you eat eggs straight up but they are also mixed into many recipes.

    Every morning I had 3 egg whites + 1whole egg fried.  2 slices of whole grain oatmeal toast(one of which I spread a little of the natural blue menu, no sugar added jelly), and 1 tbsp ketchup.

    Some nights I didn't feel like cooking so I just boiled up 4 eggs and 3 boiled egg whites and 1 whole egg. 

    It was not uncommon for me to go through 36 eggs in a week.


    That, my friends, was 90% of what I ate in my journey.  Get to know these proteins well because you should and will be eating 1- 2 of them daily!!!


  • Don't forget veggie burgers, lowfat cheeses, and tofu! All loaded with protein and almost no fat!

    That's my two cents....

    PS I love love love cottage cheese with a packet of stevia or splenda; it's just like cream cheese to me :)

    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • I enjoy alot of low-fat turkey *** rollups with mustard,...shrimp w/ garlic and yams are awesome together,

    good old steak and potatoes,   lean ground beef tacos,  home-canned tuna sandwiches, hashbrowns w/eggs,

    cottage cheese w/ fresh strawberries,  1/2 frozen banana or other fruit whipped w/protien powder is dreamy

    oatmeal pancakes..yummmmy,  crockpot roast and brussel sprouts,    roasted red potatoes, onions, peppers w/fatfree turkey sausage,

    stirfry w/brown rice..

    It's fun to see what everyone likes!


  • I wouldn't want to do this without my lean beef.  Thursday I grilled up a batch, chopped it up and divided it in two parts.  To one part I added dijon mustard and to the other part I added salsa.  I then made up my meal packs of brown rice and lots of veggies in reusable plastic containers from the dollar store.  I started with about a pound and a half of beef and that made 8 meals.  Next week I'll go back to chicken.