Anyone worried about the freeday needs to read this article


  • Its written by a  former Bodyforlife champion Joel Marion

  • Well I don't know all that fancy science, but I do know that I continue to lose fat each week with a free day.  I refuse to call it a cheat day because it is prescribed.

    What do I want?  I want to change my body...for life.  

    If at the end of 12 week challenge you think that you could have lost a few more pounds without a free day each week, please reconsider what "for life" means.

  • 6pack: I appreciate the link. There are so many out there it is hard to know what is truth. I am not on a "diet" per say. I am enjoying the balance of Body for Life. I suppose if I did feel restricted I wouldnt be here almost 8 months later still doing my thing and loving it.

    Today as I skipped in front of the mirror I saw lots of jiggle, but I also saw triceps on the down skip, my abs are now solid, my quads are coming out and my chest has that strong pec look. I would not have been this muscular on a "diet".

    I am not in a race, and agree with JamesK. Not because he's HOT (just throwin that in) but because he is one of the many that GET IT. It is a life choice. It's not for everyone and by reading articles like the one you took the time to find and share (and yes I do appreciate it) we all can decide for ourselves what we can do or cannot do for ourselves.

    Knowledge is power.

  • I wonder what BryanL's take on this article is. I read he is going into bodybuilding now. He may very well have a totally different opinion.

    Good stuff!

  • Agreed Legs, it is a tough haul no matter what.  I even see former Champions on either side of this fence.  

    I have a strong bent toward science, I know that there is much left to discover and what was accepted one day, is improved upon or modified the next.  I found the article a good balance between plain language and chemistry talk above my head.  It appears well cited though.

    In the end I trust only what my body proves to me.  For now it is telling me to go with the flow.  But then again that might just be because today is my free day.

  • JamesK - when I started BFL I thought I would be done in 12 weeks. But after that short of time, I saw improvements, but I wanted more. Now I am half done 3rd challenge and I KNOW I will do another official challenge. I am really liking the sculpted look that is very slowly happening. I can see why guys (esp) take it to another level. I dont think this is the website to get that kind of guidance, but this IS the place to get a solid foundation started.