Anyone starting on August 1st?


    Finish strong everyone, we're not there yet.


  • Great workout today, UB, and catching up with cardio missed yesterday.

    I can't believe we're in week 12, with only four days remaining with this challenge.

    I'm feeling good about this Monday.  I know I'm going to have to be really diligent about food/meal preparation and eating six times a day.

    Cheatday - I remember seeing that photo of you and thinking it was a cutout from the cover of a romance novel or an adventure magazine.  I thought, that's a great idea!  I'll just get a cutout from a magazine and use it as my avatar.  When I read more about you, I thought, wow, cheatday, that really is you.  You were like the guy in a romance novel or an adventure magazine!  No wonder you want to be there again, and you already know you can get there.  My problem is, I have never looked like the after shot, so I am plagued with self-doubt.  I was reading about picturing yourself in your new, fit body, but somehow what I imagine always has a little extra chub everywhere, getting in the way of being able to see sexy muscles.

    And that is why I'll see you in the Back-2-Backs come Monday!!

  • 3 DAYS TO GO ALL AUGUST 1st SURVIVORS! we're almost there.

    The workouts are really starting to be the way I start my day now, I'm loving it.

    So happy that we're going to just take one day off and then go right into the next 12-er.

    @ monscal - thanks for the great compliments, I'm on the road to getting back to that "romance novel cover look". I used to be in crazy great shape for sure, but before that I was in pretty bad shape. So I guess the trick is to just keep the fire alive, and keep working on yourself even if it's just maintaining what you've got.

    And so... we do have the new Back 2 Backs beginning Monday keeping us real.


  • To Monscal...

    I feel like I am EXACTLY in the same place as you.  I too lost a few pounds in the beginning and have lost a few inchs all over, 1 on lower tummy, this is my problem area!  I keep telling myself, it can't get worse so I too am hoping to see that magic wk8!

    Anna (UK) x

  • Hi guys

    Final day today, did measurements etc.. so for this challenge lost 27cm in total, lost 7.5cm (3 inches) around my waist.  Dropped a dress size (NZ14 to 12) too, so really pleased.  I think overall I am about halfway to where I'd like to end up, so with another challenge coming up I should be on track to meet my goals.  Feeling good, but a bit tired, looking forward to mixing up the next two weeks exercise wise, do a few walks & some swimming I think.

    Good luck guys - see you in a couple of weeks.

    TC xx


    WAY TO GO TC, you did an amazing job!

    I'm looking forward to celebrating a little this weekend, AND I'm psyched to see how the Back 2 Back does for us all. Hope you'll be joining us there TC.

    I'll post my total losses later today, or over on the Back 2 Back thread.

    To all the team:


  • Anna Louise - If you're still here, you should join us in the Back-2-Back thread.  Cheatday is there, too.  We can talk more about the chub in our tummies that won't go away!!!