Group Power Class Versus Going Few and Heavy?

  • Hi, I'm Terri and this is my first post. I'll be 44 in three weeks and I'm female. 


    I just started on the challenge three weeks ago. At the advice of my gym,  I chose the BTS Group Power class over the personal trainer/weight heavy machines/heavy free weights option. This class consists of a full body workout using barbells and lot of reps for about an hour and 15 minutes. Here a video link.  I wonder if the high reps are good enough for toning. Despite company claims, the class seems to me and some reviewers to be more an aerobic workout than a muscle-building one. But still, I can see where it's enough to make it unsuitable to use purely aerobically and do heavy weights in alternate workouts.  


    I'm wondering if this is effective for building a challenge-worth body. Years ago when I had a small class with a personal trainer, we used heavy weights with few reps for great results. At this point in that class, I felt much stronger and more toned but that was 10 years ago. lol. But then again, I briefly moved to China two years ago and got toned and lost a lost of weight very quickly just from walking to work and climbing stairs in the subways and at home.

    I'm wondering if Group Power works, or if I'll be better off  paying extra to get trained on the machines (money I don't really have. My jerky gym makes you pay extra before they will even show you how to use the equipment but my insurance pays the rest so it's overall cheaper for me to go there).  Or maybe i just fiddle with the machines until I strike a good fit. 


    In your opinion, is GP a  waste of time and effort for the short time of the challenge? 

    Thanks All!


  • Hey Terri,

    I teach a group weight lifting class and have done so for 6 years.  I'm doing the BFL and am in week 9.  Still using the class as my weight lifting.  I think as long as your muscles are being worked to fatigue, you'll see the changes.  Provide everything is else is a go, ie. diet and cardio...Your muscle grow when they are at rest and after weight lifting your metabolism is raised for at least 24hours.  I say, do what you will stick with....

  • Thanks, Burnanfirm!

  • Everyone has a choice.

    The question is, what will your transformation be in 12 weeks? Assuming that is why you are here.

    Now, The types of exercises for each muscle group and compound groups vary and available to all.

    The essence of the Body-for-Life body is built upon the proven results of the sets and reps outlined. The determined intensity level for each rep is essence to bringing your body to a state of hypertrophy.

    Now, we know this works, and what to expect - provided we pushed ourselves to failure hit our intensity level 10's during our work sessions, and stayed true to the meal plan nutrition and portion sizes - at the end of 12 weeks.

    The question really comes down to one simple truth:

    Did you make the desired transformation you envisioned for your self?

    There are a lot of different work programs out there.

    This is Body-for-Life.

    I am sure the transformations you see here are what attracted you here.

    Just some food for thought.

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • Thanks, Theliem.