starting a new challenge tomorrow, pics and meal plan included

  • Sure. When I have a shake, I'm hungry again sooner than if I eat something solid, say an apple and cottage cheese or sliced turkey and a veggie. If someone is feeling hungry fairly quickly three times a day, six days a week, when free day rolls around that sense of deprivation could become an issue.

    Maybe this is not an problem for fightingfit - that's why I only suggested that he consider limiting the shakes. I don't want the number of shakes to become the focus here, rather that fightingfit seriously consider why he has not been able to finish a challenge and what changes he can make that will enable him to do so this time.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Oh ok, so the issue of hunger is what you mean by not working.

    We have different interpretations it seems. The protein will definitely work as far as results are concerned and having half of his meals already planned out would make it easier since he is just starting out. And for those where convenience is a priority, 3 shakes a day would be an ideal way to stay on track.

    GL mark.

  • Thanks for the support charlie, I changed my user name because I was having problems logging in, this website has alot of bugs, what browser works best with it

  • took my official before stats this morning

    im 294.8lbs and 43.6% bodyfat

  • Day 2

    9.30 m1 myoplex diet

    11.30 m2 veggie eggwhite omelete and oatmeal

    1.30 upper body workout

    3.00 m3 myoplex diet

    5.30 m4 wholewheat pasta lean mince veg

    8.30 m5 lowfat cottage cheese lowfat yogurt

    11.30 m6 myoplex diet and 1 tblspoon fish oil


    incline db press


    flat db press-20lbs

    seat db press

    weight each hand-7lbs-9lbs-12.5lbs-15lbs-12.5lbs

    uprightrow each hand-12.5lbs

    seated cable row


    wide grippulldown-75lbs

    cable pushdown


    standing db press-20kg

    incline one arm preacher curls-5lbs-10lbs-15lbs-20lbs-15lbs

    hammer curls-10lbs

  • day 3

    great upper body workout yesterday, another 20 minute intense interval cardio workout, meals will be as have been the past 2 days

  • How's it going out there, fightingfit?

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.