a couple of questions

  • Ok day 4...more questions! Good news is I lost 2lbs so far this week...I had wanted to wait a week to weigh but could not stop myself:)

    1. Do most of you take supplements and if so what kind? What is the difference between a supplement and a say like a multi-vitamin

    2. Do you need to do like 5 mins of warm (like a walk on a treadmill) before lifting weights? The guy at the gym said this is a must but book does not talk about it (that I saw).

    3. Is it ok to do abs more than every 3 days....this is where most of my fat is - could I do abs on both lifting days?

    4. On the lifting is it 12-10-8-6 (reps) increasing weight each time?

    5. Has anyone lost weight by NOT using the myoplex products? 

    6. And are most woman on here doing body for life women.

  • 1.  Multivitamins are supplements ;)  However, I think I know what you are getting at and the supplements you are implying are target specific, meaning they feed one or a couple of areas.

    2.  This may be one of those questions that is best suited for you.  I stretch before but never go on the treadmill.  Remember, your first set of reps for weights for each group is a warm-up.

    3.  Technically, abs are a muscle that can be worked every other day.  However, your abs are not built from crunches alone, it's what you eat and your cardio that will define them.   You have to have a lean body mass for abs to show through and doing more crunches will not accomplish that.

    4.  Yes.

    5. I cannot represent everyone else, but I never used anything buy Myoplex/EAS supplements so I would not know.

    6. Again, another question I cannot answer.

  • 1. Put your scale away, unless you can control the negative response when those numbers don't tell you what you want.  

    2.  Good supplements support muscle repair and growth.

    3.  It's not a bad idea to warm up a little, but I don't always do it.  I do ALWAYS stretch my legs before lower body.

    4.  Yes, increasing weight each time.

    5.  Yes countless people have lost weight without Myoplex.  It's a protein meal replacement, not a fat loss supplement.  Most use for the sake of convenience to cover one or two meals per day.

    6.  No, most women here follow the original book, there is no reason to change the program because you are a woman.

    7. Missed the abs question.  Abs can be worked everyday if you chose to do so.  If you work them as intended, you probably won't want to.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Michelle is right about working abs. If you work them the way you're supposed to, you'll not only want recovery time, you'll NEED recovery time, just like upper body and lower body. Remember, your abs are a muscle just like your biceps, triceps, back, quads, etc. and if worked properly, will need recovery time to heal properly.

    A few mins of warm-up is a smart thing to do. I don't use a treadmill for warm-up, I will march in place for a minute or so, do a few yoga-type stretch movements, and faux jump rope for about 30 seconds. Faux jump rope is just jumping in place like you're using a jump rope, but you're now. =)  Warm-up is just to sort of get the blood pumping and your joints loosened up and ready to go.