Working out while traveling

  • Does anyone have any experiences or advice to share regarding adjustable weights, or inflatable dumbells, advice, etc. for keeping up with weight training while traveling ? I am out of town almost every weekend in July. There have been times where the hotel does not have a gym (albeit rare) and may be in a situation this weekend where I'm under a time crunch. Any ideas ? Thanks !!

  • The only thing I could come up with was working out using body weight. Not the same but something better than nothing. I did cardio jogging on the street. However, with all that I put it down to a week lost. Maybe you can have your free day on one of the weekend days?

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  • Hello Runnergirl007,

    A few things that are quick and require no equipment at all is doing exercises that use your body weight. For the legs jump squats, jump lunges, and mountain climbers are great. For the upper body you can do push-ups and chair dips. You might want to invest in a strong pair of resistance bands that you can throw in your luggage for biceps and shoulder exercises without weights.

    For the time crunch issue you could modify the workout by doing 3 quick sets of 15 reps for each exercise. This is not optimal of course but when you are traveling and in a time crunch it works well I have done this a few times myself. The great part is you are determined to get your workouts in no matter what the situation and that is half the battle.

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