• I have been struggling and disapointed in myself but i think i need to write the last week off completely due to the emotional week ive had.  I have been thinking about starting again from day 1 but i think im better off keeping going.  i have the next week off work as i cannot face being a instructor trying to movitivate people when im so low myself.  i have 2 goals this week

    1. to buy some more free weights so i can do upper and lower body workouts at home and

    2. go to all of my classes and participate and get through until my next free day, which is friday (my birthday is tuesday and every year ive had a free day on my birthday - not this year im going to wait!) I need to get back to structure and thats what the bfl gives me.

    karren fantastic work on your food, that is awesome!! did you take before photos?

    dwsbelinda - thanks for the advice, i have taken some on board but i need to have that discipline when it comes to my free day, - 1 day only, if i cut myself a little slack during the other days i end up bingeing, but on the other hand im trying to be kind to myself.

    spinney - are you still teaching les mills classes? i find i put pressure on myself when it comes to self image and i struggle with that one.

    keep the communication going thats what gets us through the tough times!!

  • Hey Kiwigirl,

    It was many moons ago that i trained in Body Combat, one day i may like to look into it again.  Are you saying that you don't have a very good self image? Being an Instructor is an incredbily demanding job and to be a Les Mills instructor even more so.  Les Mills is truely at the forefront on group fitness INTERNATIONALLY!..  Im saying this as clearly you have something fantastic to offer being there in the first place, people go to your classes because they like you! I do hope you realise that your pretty fab doing this work : ) Im a true performer through and through, so when i 'perform' or 'teach', I get allot of my inner strength and a better self image due to the response i get from my punters and the fact im doing something that i know im good at and LOVE.  In saying this, the fitness industry can be very difficult in terms of clicks and general bitchyness, if you feel like this, than do the two finger salute to that, because again, your punters are the only ones that mater (i found that very difficult to cope with, im so not a clicky person, im far to friendly and care a great deal about people in general, more so those that are not considered to be 'cool' or accepted - lol...)

    If you want to do some work on yourself and self image, i strongly recomend reading any books by  Louise Hay, such as 'empowering women' she is the 'GODMOTHER' of 'the secret', she was doing that work long before that DVD/book was released.

    Take care : )

  • I think that the best plan is to move forward Kiwigirl! If you continuously start back on "day One" you will get frustrated and impatient with the program! I think the reason that people have the most success in their last four weeks is because that is when they have it down to an art! So believe in yourself! I have had struggles this week as well but I plan on conquering my own self doubts and weaknesses! WE CAN DO IT!

  • BTW I forgot to mention and wanted to share that I ran a 5k on Saturday which I have not done in 3 yrs and ran it 3 min faster then I ran the one 3 yrs ago! I know this is because my body is functioning better because of just 2 weeks of BFL!!! Love this program!