Starting July 4th 2011

  • Good morning all!  It feels so good to be back home and be back on the BFL program after a fun-filled (but BAD for BFL) weekend!  Too much beer, food and fun.  So today, I am back in full force.  Change my routines today for the next 4 weeks, so I am expecting to be really sore tomorrow.  Had a killer LBWO and hope that I can walk up and down my stairs later this week!

    Hang tough everyone....

  • My weekend was a runaway also!!  Beer, wine, cocktails and bar food that crept over after the free day.  It is the first time I have strayed from my eating ... But just got back from the gym ..Did my cardio and back at it ....  This is "for life" part that we have to get used to ... there will be times we screw up ...

    So have a great week everyone!!  

  • So true, Karren!  I'm just glad that we both just picked ourselves up and headed straight back to the gym.  Can't let it get us down or lose sight of our goals.  We will finish and with awesome results!  Hope you have a great day!

  • You girls just made me feel so much better!  I have been sat beating myself up today because the weekend was a complete write off-sat was free day but I was so hungover yesterday I didnt stick to plan, nor did I do my cardio.

     This is the first slip up I have had and I'm nearly at the end of week 5 but onwards and upwards!  Im just about the head to the gym for my lbwo!

    Keep going guys!!! xxx

  • Good for you angelcake!  Glad me and Karren could motivate you.  Misery LOVES company!  Not that BFL makes you miserable - our actions this past weekend made us miserable and it is nice to know that we're not alone.  We can all dust ourselves off and get right back in the saddle!

  • Amy - this is not my usual thread but I saw a post you had somewhere else about how you do 2.8 miles on the treadmill for your cardio and I was like holy cow - I need to step up my game.  Anyway I wanted to thank you because it pushed me to do more and run faster so today I got to 2.2 - you gave me something to aspire to and now I have a new goal.  Thanks! =)

  • Way to go Kay!  I want to get back to that level as well, but I haven't been able to run because my ankle has been giving me problems.  Too much tennis!  I have a terrible headache and tummy ache this morning, but I did get in my UBWO.  A new routine for me this morning, so I will probably be sore tomorrow.  My workout partner is doing BFL for the first time and I sure wish things were going different for her.  She was sick one week and only made it to the gym twice and now she hurt her back and has already missed twice this week.  I have made great progress and I know I am going to have great results at the end of my 12 weeks (in fact, I'm counting the days until week 8!)  I am worried that she is not going to have as good of results and is going to get discouraged.  She has never done BFL and I don't want her to think it doesn't work.  I have been so gung-ho about it and I don't think she shares my enthusiasm (or maybe it's obsession!).  In fact, that's why I turn to the guestbook everyday; for some motivation and inspiration and I thank all of you for that.  

    I am trying to stay off the scale because I have hit the dreaded plateau.  Mine always lasts at least 4 weeks and those are going to be the longest 4 weeks of my life!  But, my pants are somewhat looser today, so that is a good sign.  Plus, my inner thighs are now only starting a small camp fire instead of the raging bon-fire that usually is set off by them rubbing together! :c)

    I hope you all have some successes today and hit those 10's!

  • is anybody still there??? I hope everyone is still going strong and havent given up!

    I am on day one of week 9 and I will admit I am struggling to stay motivated now...

    Took my week 8 pics this morning and could see NO change from the week 6 ones at all which was a first for me.  All my other pics showed quite a big difference.  I did have a bad week 7, didnt miss a workout but didnt eat clean all week so that is probably why.

    I really am giving it all ive got now to finish the 12 weeks.  I really really hope there is still time to see some changes and I know from peoples reports that things often happen in the last few weeks, I just really dont think they will for me...