Hitting intensity levels during cardio - Question

  • I have several Ruby. Thank you for your interest, but don't worry, you will see my final photo posted on this site when I win the challenge.

  • I am not worried. I am ready with the fat-free popcorn. I am sure it will be a good laugh.

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  • Ruby/Charlie, Could you two take this feud private?  It is carrying over into many threads and I don't feel its helpful to the original poster.  


    I think you have been given great advice.  And where you are starting on BFL is certainly different I imagine than mine is now,(you already being in fitness etc)  but you have it right, its OUR own intensity levels. And that 10 is giving it all, not holding back, and only you know in your mind if that is the truth or not.  For me, I know it when I feel the monster come out.  Its a pretty amazing feeling.  

    Hope you find great success

  • I pretty much hit a 10 every single cardio.  A 10 for me, is when i have to slam on the 'stop' button, sometimes its almost imposible to work my way back down between 19-20mins, often i have to hit stop then work it back up again to warm down - lol...  I can always tell during 0-18mins if i can reach higher for 18-19mins and do so, now my 10 is 13.5kph on the treadmill.  I know from doing boxing how much more i can do, because in boxing the whole hour is pretty much at a 9 and 10 (yes i wanted to run away many times, hehehe) So i just see the 10 as being what im doing or striving for.  Actually somebody may be able to shed some light on this.... My brother said he read somewhere or heard that Bill Phillips changed to level 10 to say its not an all out, want to die intensity?????

  • Bill hasn't changed BFL, but he does have a new program that's much wimpier.  Go for that 10!

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  • JennAlly,

    I know exactly what you are saying about the stepmill. For me, a cardio day is a cardio day, so I focus on what? Cardio. My legs can feel strong or like jello on the stepmill depending on how often I do it or when my last leg workout was, etc. So, when it comes to HIT cardio on the stepmill, I go by heart rate because that is the muscle I am focused on training for that workout. The legs are doing work, but they are secondary to what I am focusing on. I wouldn't worry about how your legs feel. If your hear rate is up there for a cardio workout, you are achieving the goal of the workout even if your legs feel strong. You will be able to turn them to jello on your next leg workout. =)