Body Invincible - Team starting June 26/27, 2011

  • Hey Mom,

    I understand time getting away from you, I can’t even tell you how fast this 12 weeks has gone by.  Thank you for the congrats, I can actually say I didn’t miss any weight sessions or any cardio sessions, in fact I did plenty of extra cardio sessions.  I still need to get my weight down further before I can run but I can’t wait, I’m eager to start again.

    I will be posting my stuff on Sunday to our thread and another on the main board as well.  My weight loss definitely slowed in the last month however I believe that is because my muscle mass was increasing.  I’m going to take two weeks off because I actually hurt my shoulder pretty bad last week during my shoulder presses, I sprained my A/C joint.  Luckily it’s not separated, but it hurts something fierce my last upper body workout this past Wednesday took me an hour and a half…..yuck.  

    My C2 will be amended a bit to accommodate my needs, at least from the work out perspective.  I will also probably tighten up my carbs a little more on my next challenge, I am very carb sensitive.  I can’t wait to see your results!!!

    Hey Bill,

    I did my last UBWO on Wednesday, had to fight through a very sore shoulder injury so my break couldn’t come at a better time.  I also think I could have come closer, my diet was very strict the first 8 weeks but in the last 4 weeks I just couldn’t seem to be as tight and needed more healthy fats.  Also, we had our vacation up in Colorado and even though I didn’t gain weight, I had to exercise like crazy to due to the food aspect.

    I don’t feel comfortable entering the challenge this time; I may consider it next year though.  Can’t wait to see your results!!!


    Holy S#^T!!!!!!!  I think your results are amazing, utterly amazing!!!  Being able to wear your wedding ring again must have made you so very proud.  So what was your food like on your last free day?  Did you go nuts?  Also, are you going to do another challenge, are you waiting the two weeks, what’s next for you?  Again, I’m very proud of you, amazing job!!!

    Texas Brez

  • Branches,

    None of us are super human, I think you have the right idea, take a week or two off and reboot and then give it a crack again.  Great job on maintaining, that has always been my problem, all or none....

    Texas Brez

  • PattersonMommy...your results ARE spectacular!  You look great and the smile on your face says it all.  Congratulations on a great job and feeling great!!!  This feels so cool at the end, doesn't it?

    Sally, welcome back!  You know better than I do that the trick it to stay with it as best you can and above all keep coming back when you get the chance.

    Texas and Bill...can't wait for tomorrow!

    Went for my last cardio this morning and ran for 30 minutes...felt amazing!!  I don't even think I put running down as one of my goals because I thought it couldn't be done with my knees but after my last step I just said out loud, "I did it!"  Well WE did it and I can't thank you guys enough for all the support over the last several BFL're awesome!!

    Talk to you tomorrow.

  • Also, PattersonMommy...put those pics up on the main page so everyone can see them!  They're really great.

  • Hey Gang -

    Well, it's my turn to follow up Patterson with my 12 week photos.  Despite not hitting some of the goals I had set for myself, here is the final tally.

    Weight Loss - 33 lbs

    Inches Lost on Waist (around naval) - 8.5 inches

    Max Bench Press - Up from 175lbs to 240lbs

    Blood Pressure Med's cut in half by Doctor last week (should be off completely in a month).  

  • Geat results TEx, Glad you hung in there and finished with us!!!! I will be done on Monday with the workouts so I'll try to get my photos on line soon.  You can really see the changes you made and congrats on the effort and results. Way to GOOOOO!!

  • Hey Texas Brez,

    Great, great work! The pounds and inches lost are so awesome, but praise God, you are so much healthier that you can reduce medication by half. You have given yourself the gift of health and long life. Praise God!!! I hope you continue on this path and get that medication gone! Medication is a bandaid, what you are doing is the cure. Keep it up!


  • Texas Brez,

    Yes, wearing my wedding ring is great! The end of week 11 for me was a spree on food, since we visited our hometown. Well, let's see there's mexican food to die for, so I ate some of that, then there's this coffee shop in town that makes the Espresso Shake and it is no joke! It absolutely was like going home, to heaven. Seriously, this shake is chocolate ice cream with two shots of espresso, and maybe vanilla flavor, I'm not sure, but it is so good! Wow! So I had two of those, one Friday night, then again Sat. morning of my 11th week. Saturday ended up being  my free day that week, because that is when we went to our favorite mexican food place. The end of week 12, I kind of started slipping up on my food, also. I felt like I was where I was going to be, and I was ready for a break. I had a hard time throughout the challenge not being in the free day mindset post-workout Saturday, when my free day wasn't till Sunday.

    I am planning to run a half marathon in December here in Vegas. My sweet, wonderful husband told me he would make the training schedule, then Saturday morning (still on my week off) he says, "guess how far you have to run today?" as I stand in the kitchen making breakfast burritos and drinking my coffee with cream. "Umm, 3 miles? 4?" Truely, I wasn't planning on running today..."5!" he says! I say, "What?" like the minion on Despicable Me. So, I ran 5 miles on Saturday night. I can't even believe I did it! I know that through this challenge I am even stronger than my mind thinks I am! I didn't think I could do it, but I got encouraged after mile 3, thinking, I AM going to do it, then it actually got easy, and I ran fast the last 1/2 mile! Cheers!