Body Invincible - Team starting June 26/27, 2011

  • This forum is open to anyone starting on or around these dates!  We are ready to go!!!


  • Great idea.  Thank you.


  • Hey everyone! Checking in on day 3. I've been eating my 6 meals and doing all my workouts by the book, but I still feel hungry and very run down. I'm sure this being my 1st week back to work from having about 7 weeks off has something to do with it. Still, I'm going to stick it and hope it gets better. I'll recap the end of my 1st week in my blog at

    Challenge 1: June 26, 2011

  • Okay, here is a list of who was on the first thread and I'll try to do a roll call 2 or 3 times during the challenge so if you could check in a few times so we know you're still with us!













    If I missed anyone let me know! And I am curious - DTM - are you male or female - couldn't tell by your post or your profile and since a few have made comments about us being all ladies I thought I would make sure!  

    Welcome to Britexpat and Melissa592!!!  Great to have you join us and share in your experience with you and you with us.  Let's go after this Invincible Body. Lets do it for our ourselves and our families!


  • Erin - I had the same feeling a few times during my first challenge and exactly that feeling the first AND second day of this one.  For me, its my sudden loss of caffine, a drop in Carb consumption or need for a multivitamin.  One time I took a multi-vitamin when feeling that way and it was an almost instant comeback!  Yesterday and Monday I needed Tylenol for the caffine headache - I was drinking it everyday during my off week.  Yikes, everytime I bent over to pick up my weights my head would pound and then just hurt.  Are you drinking all your water?  Make sure you're getting enough protein and carbs -I will go back and look up some info on how much protein per pounds you weigh you should be eating. I realized late in the game that I wasn't getting enough.  You can eat as many veggies as you want, so you can add in to eggs, sandwiches etc.  

    I'm good today though and my daughter and I did our workout at about 11:30 this morning.  It feels good to have 3 workouts under my belt already!!  Whoo Hoo!   Can not wait to hear about you alls triumphs and victories.  Be sure to record them you'll love looking back at these first days....


  • I am starting July 1st- payday haha! otherwise I would have already started..can I join in? or is that too late of a date

  • Hello, Starting today, does that count for your group as well. Would like to join in, How is this done?  WPBILL

  • WPBill and jinger007 we are happy to have you join us!  We are all the same journey, just a few days apart and thats fine!  Share your struggles, concerns, victories, questions etc. Not sure all questions can be answered but the book (1999 version) has most of the answers.  Anyway, what are your goals for this 12 weeks?


  • I'm here and checking in; actually having a great day.  Was pretty hungry last night before bed.   Will start throwing that 6th meal in on days when I'm super hungry and upping my calories to 1800.   Right now I've been doing 5 and sticking around 1500.

    WPBill and jinger007 it's never too late to join a group.   Always fun to have the support of more people.

    Sally - thanks for starting up the new board.   Was a couple different ones for the 26th and 27th.   So nice having everyone in one spot.

    Erin - your body has definitely been through a lot.   Plus going back to work and leaving your little one is stressful as well.   Hang in there and take it day by day.   You can do this!   We're always here to help you out and give you that extra support you need.   You have a beautiful family by the way.   Your daughter is precious!

    Well everyone have a great evening!  


    "Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow."

  • Erin - I found the info John had given - he is an amazing center of knowledge on these forums - anyway heres what he said:

    "In terms of calculating carbs and protein you don't really have to do that!  If you follow the fist/palm size portion  of approved foods you'll be fine. My first challenge I didn't calculate grams of protein or carbs I just followed the rule of thumb and it worked very well.  If you really want to get into the details based on what you weigh, The rule of thumb is 1 gram of protein and 1 g of carbs for each pound of scale weight. You can find nutrtion information at a number of websites,, etc. But I would keep it simple. Remember you need carbs and protein at EACH MEAL. I have no idea why people like to mess around with it but if you stick with the plan you'll be fine. Most champions report that they do the plan religiously and it works out yet people seem to want to mess with it.  It's always baffled me."

    So if I weigh 167 then its 167 grams of protein (and same for carbs) divided by 6 meals which is 27-28 grams per meal.  The shakes seem to be right around where I needed to be so I started using the Myoplex Vanilla Whey protein mix for 2 of my snacks.  Hope this helps but you can expect some side effects the first week which should subside or be gone completely in a week or two.


  • my goals are to lose fat and of course gaining muscle would be an added bonus! I had a baby last august and I gained -eep- 70 pounds during my pregnancy. I have lost over 40 of that gain but still have a ways to go. I did nutrisystem and lost 15 pounds but I just couldn't stomach it anymore- all those chemicals leeching out of the processed diet "food". I like the BFL food- it seems to be all whole foods and simple preperations. I am a little intimidated by the work outs but cardio is the hardest for me and it's only 20 min so I think its doable. glad to be here! and btw I am a 24 yr old female! =)

  • Correction, today is Day 4 for me. Thanks for the reassurance everyone. To answer everyone's questions: I've been drinking at least a gallon of water for years, I've been having a protein and a carb at every meal, However, I didn't know I could have as many veggies as I wanted. I thought I had to stick to the "fistful" ideal......

    Challenge 1: June 26, 2011

  • There were some on the other post asking about calories and/or weighing food...if you like doing that keep doing it if it is something you enjoy. One of the reasons I like BFL is because I don't have to count calories, I just judge by my palm or my fist one protein and one carb and all veggies are good.  I try to look at this as a lifestyle so that it has to be something I can maintain as opposed to something I have to work at.  So for me, especially once this 2nd 12 weeks is up, I will have developed good habits (quitting sugar exect once a week, eating proper amounts of food several times per day, regular exercise, drinking enough water everyday ect) that I will continue to maintain this body I have worked so hard to find!  I fought through a lot of mental baggage during the first 12 so this 12 is all about the journey for me. Its exciting to me to think that at 46 I can live the rest of my life in good health and strength so as to enjoy life to the fullest!  Anyone every consider hiking the entire Apalachian Trail?  My husband and I have dreamed of doing that since we first married 20 years ago...I am not ready for that yet, but soon!  It's little changes everyday that you will notice and at the end of 12 weeks you will realize just how good being active feels and you actually start to WANT to go for walks, bike rides, hoe the garden!  Speaking of which, I have weeds to pull!  Anything to burn more calories is a good activity!

    "Heres the most encouraging thing about Body-for LIFE - It starts with you. You have the power to make the decision, to begin the do have control over this: to start or not start, to remain the same or be different in 12 weeks...."  quote from the BFL Champion book


  • Hey everybody!  Day 4 here for me...getting ready to go out to do my 20 min HIIT.  Each morning, my stomach feels flatter than the day before, so that's exciting!  I'm going to try to post my daily meals, as it helps ME stay accountable...and if anybody else wants to join in, it helps me come up with other ideas so I don't get bored with what I'm eating.  Hope everybody has a great day!!  :)

    Day 1:  (1) 6 egg whites, 1 slice ww toast  (2) buffalo, lettuce, onion, mushrooms, tomates, pineapple  (3) cottage cheese, blueberries, almonds  (4) myoplex lite shake  (5) myoplex lite bar  (6) almonds...was midnight and I didn't want to eat more...not sure if that's okay or not

    Day 2:  (1) cottage cheese, potato  (2) myoplex lite shake  (3) grilled shrimp, green salad, rice (4) myoplex bar, almonds  (5) greek yogurt...I didn't have any carbs here  (6) baked chicken, spinach, sweet potato

    Day 3:  (1) myoplex lite bar  (2) myoplex lite shake (3) salmon, brown rice  (4) greek yogurt, blackberries  (5) baked chicken, spinach, sweet potato  (6) myoplex lite bar, zucchini

    I'm going to try to do more whole foods today and less bars/shakes...and to make sure I'm eating carbs and protein at EVERY meal.  

  • Melissa592 - that looks great! what are you adding to your shakes? Because the carb levels are not equal in the powder itself. Especially in this first week Carbs are pretty important so you don't starting feeling tired and dragged down.  But amonds are okay. I have done that too late at night because I was just HUNGRY.  =)

    Heres a good post from John again - its over an hour so maybe when you have time its very interesting:


    Its a Youtube video about Sugar: the Bitter Truth...