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  • Hey Kelli,

    This thread has become a very interesting one.  It strikes me interesting because it makes me really think about my challenge.  It makes me take a double look at what my down to earth goals are. It also shows that even though there are many great people on here, there are many different opinions and tactics to achieving the challenge. And their personal victories can easily persuade you to want to follow their path, because we all want to finish just like they did, right?!  I know that each person is different and results will vary because of that. :)  For me personally, I am challenged to stay true to myself by educating, purge the excess information, and then grow from there.

    I say good luck to you!  Set your mind to it, and you can do ANYTHING!  I look forward to your transformation!

    Have a great one!


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  • Thank you for all your replies. I believe I'm done with the forum. Thank you firesong and all the others who have been so kind. Honestly I have attempted this program for the last ten years over and over and over and I've never made it past the first week. Well, today I'm starting my 2nd week and I couldn't be more discouraged. I still believe the cookbook was made for anyone attempting to better their life. I've read the original book and the cookbook thoroughly and the cookbook talks about STARTING the challenge with those recipes. I am not going to call BFL and ask if that is true or not. It is what has worked for me this past week and it's something I am sticking with. It is obviously very healthy food and I am bettering my life.

    I am crying now here wondering if it is even worth it. And I lost 4.2 lbs last week! But I am one of those people where any situation would warrant me going back to food. So someone telling me I'm not a TRUE challenger is making me want to quit again. I realize I'm new to this and everyone knows everyone else. But I didn't feel comfortable with that one comment at all, when all we are all doing is trying to get healthier. Thank you. I think I'll work on the rest of the challenge by myself.

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  • Kelli -

    I can't apologize enough to you for my comment.  It was not directed at you at all.  As Firesong pointed out, many people tweak this program to the point that it becomes unrecognizable as a Body for Life challenge.  

    I promise you, I was really trying to help you get the most out of your challenge.  And as I pointed out, there ARE authorized recipes in the cookbook.  In fact, I'm so glad that you were the reason that I pulled out my cookbook and took a closer look at it.  I will definitely be making some of those recipes myself.

    I did not tell you that you were not a true challenger.  I can see how you would've thought that though and I am truly sorry.  

    My goal as a champion is to educate and encourage as many people as I can.  I do not proclaim to be an expert on nutrition and fitness though.  I can only speak for what worked for me.  Following the original book gave me awesome results and that's what I want for you.

    I would love for you to experience what I felt... both inside and out.  It's amazing.

    I hope you'll accept my apology.  I certainly did not intend to hurt you.


    (Firesong and agribbons - Thank you)

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  • Kelli,

    This is YOUR BFL Challenge.  Others can offer their insight and help, but ultimately you will decide what's best for you and your goals.  

    I know Laurie and can tell you that she is one of the kindest, most supportive and genuinely good people I've ever had the pleasure of calling my friend.  You strike me as a very good person too.  Laurie is also humble and would never think she knew all.  She's learning just like me, you and everyone here.  I read her post and your response and respectfully, don't quite understand what would have gotten you upset to the point of crying, at least not about her post.  You should know that before completing my first BFL Challenge, I had EIGHTEEN failed attempts.  Is it perhaps more likely that you're feeling the pressure of wanting to finally do this so badly that because she said something that made you question if you're doing it perfectly and that put you in a place that you're afraid of, one that knows you've been working at it and wants it so much? 

    We will get results in proportion to our efforts.  I am actually not a supportive of the EFL book.  At one time the nutritional value was available and the calories for those meals are outside what's reasonable for a "normal" BFL meal.  There's too much bread, pasta, sauce and questionable items, like cheese.  There's not enough protein in many of the cases.  Is it a bad resource?  No, but I don't believe it's best.  Bill's site shows people who didn't necessarily do his program.  Some winners didn't even know him or the program when they lost the weight.  His new program is more slow and steady and perhaps more like weight Watchers.  There's nothing wrong with that actually.  It's just that the EFL book doesn't produce championship results.  You know what?  That's even okay.  It goes back to your goals.  Your goal might be to lose weight, gain energy and feel better about yourself and you may not care about a contest.  That's a good goal, if it's yours.  If your goal is to have an amazing contest then I don't personally believe that the EFL cookbook will get you there. 

    We are all here to support you, genuinely.  It's just that some come from things with a different perspective.  Take what helps and leave the rest, but certainly don't be offended by people looking to help you. I hope you stay.  I hope you continue with the program and that's with or without the EFL cookbook.  I would like to hear about all your wonderful updates and am looking forward to it.


    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Kelligreen,

    Please listen to me ,Bodyforlife was written by Bill Phillips it came from his mind, the book eatingforlife was written by Bill Phillips it also came from his mind. The nutrition chapter in bodyforlife is called eatingforlife, when you put 1+1 together its pretty evident that Bill Phillips intended his eatingforlife book for those starting not only those wanting to maintain bodyforlife, I dont care what eas say or what some eas employee says about the eatingforlife book they are incorrect,its correct Bill Phillips isnt affiliated with eas anymore but that doesnt matter because the best part of eas was bill phillips and it isnt even half the company now as it was when Bill Phillips was in charge, I dont want to turn this into an argument between this site and transformation but there are 100s of people on that site that have lost 25,50,75,100lbs of fat in 12,18,36 weeks using the recipes out of the eatingforlife book,if the eatingforlife book was just for maintenance they wouldnt have been able to achieve that, Bill Phillips DID NOT intend his eatingforlife book to be for maintenance no matter what anyone else says, eas make no money from the sale of eatingforlife which is why they dont promote it, heck the probably dont even make money from the original bodyforlife book, its not advertised anywhere on this site is it? in fact they had the nerve to bring out there own one, which isnt a patch on the original, please dont be upset and please continue your journey and dont let subborn rigid thinking derail you

  • EAS owns the rights to the Body for Life book.

    It's true that Bill says that Eating for Life is also for the contest.  It's also true that the recipes are much higher in calories and containing things that are not your best options.  It stands to reason that the more strict you are, the better your results.  I certainly own a copy of Eating for Life and in fact, it's signed by Bill, from when I met him the first time.  He's shifted a lot over the years.  He even recently said that Slim Fast was okay.  

    If you are to use EFL, then do carefully read page 73.  

    When Bill wrote EFL, he was less in contest mindset and more in the mindset of lifestyle.  That's why so many advise only using it for maintenance.  It's much better than how most typically eat, but not nearly as strict or healthy as how our champs ate during their contests.

    You will get out what you put in and that's okay, so long as you are acting in accordance with your goals.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • I accept that the dinner meals are a bit on the high side but alot of the mini meals are alot smaller so the overall cals for the day will be within line, even bodyforlife meals are the same calorie wise

  • BFL is designed not to "even out", but to be 6 meals of equal proportions.  It's meant to keep your insulin steady.  The calories for EFL, when it was published, shocked me.  I wouldn't describe as a bit on the high side, but that's me personally.  It's why I stopped using the cookbook during contest.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • fightingfit,

    I read your post earlier today but chose to wait to respond.  It has bothered me all day, and I have to say, its probably best to turn the other cheek but I think things you said need to be addressed.  

    First I am very sorry that you feel the need to attack and be negative to some in order to support another.  I see no one in here who is being stubborn or rigid.  And in no way is anyone wanting to derail Kelli or any other bfl'er.  I truly want her to succeed and be happy in her journey.  

    I can see you are committed to Bill's new site and plan of transformation.  I have visited the site several times and also think its great people find success there as well.   If people are beating obesity and getting healthy than that is what counts.  

    I get the impression that you are anti-BFL or anti-EAS or even anti-this site. If my impression is wrong then I apologize.  But I do believe that everyone who posted to Kelli was using their personal experience and success on BFL and giving advice based on that.   Lady Georgia, Jessica have put themselves out there.  They have shown their own journey and success.  It is documented very well.  For me, if you like you can see my own travel on this road that I am still working on.

    May you too find your success, but please support anyone trying and working hard to improve thier lifestyle.  

    I have written Kelli personally hoping she doesn't leave this site, and finds other threads that work for her.